Earthworms Across Kansas


"Earthworms Across Kansas" (EAK), a citizen-science project lead by Dr. Bruce Snyder of the Division of Biology, encourages K-12 students to engage in hands-on science research. To date, it has involved over 4,000 students across Kansas exploring the life and habits of invasive earthworms. Students have collected specimens and sent them to K-State for tissue sampling and identification.

The EAK project has improved understanding of earthworm invasions, made teachers more aware of citizen science programs,Earthworms Across Kansas and allowed K-12 students to contribute to scientific research.





Earthworms Across Kansas

Program Partners:

Division of Biology, K-12 Students, and K-12 Science Teachers

Institutional Impact Area(s):

Environmental Understanding and Protection


KSU Students, K-12 Students, and K-12 Teachers