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Public Health Work at K-State

K-State Engagement E-News, November/December 2009 (PDF)

by Alexa Hodes

Cumulative Enrollment for the MPH program

The Master of Public Health (MPH) program is an interdisciplinary graduate degree program that started in the fall of 2003. The objective of the MPH degree is to prepare individuals to better address human, animal and community health issues on local, state, national and international levels. Dr. Michael Cates serves as director of the program.

There are four supporting colleges through out the university that are a part of the public health program: Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Human Ecology and Arts and Sciences.

The core classes for the graduate degree are epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy and leadership, social and behavioral health and environmental health. The program's unique combination of varied areas of emphasis help build on the strengths of K-State. These areas include food safety and biosecurity, public health, physical activity, public health nutrition and infectious diseases and zoonoses.

The MPH program has many opportunities for engagement with the pathways to public health and the One Health Kansas program, the state of Kansas in general and groups that work within our nation (One Health Commission, American Veterinary Medical Association, etc).

Cates presented the future visions for the graduate program, "We hope to have even more multidisciplinary approaches to health including education, research and practice. We also plan to have more partnerships that span across a broad spectrum of expertise." These partnerships would include colleges and universities; local, state and federal agencies; foundations; public health, animal health industry, and other organizations across our country. More information.