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News Features

CECD to Host Civics and Civility Summit

K-State Engagement E-News, August 2007 (PDF)

CECD is collaborating with numerous state and national partners to host a November 2, 2007 Civics and Civility Summit at KSU. Civic education and understanding is vital to the preservation and improvement of our democracy. Today, more than ever before, Americans need to know how our government works as well as understand and practice the moral and civic values necessary to engage in a participatory democracy.

In a 2000 national Gallup Poll, Americans ranked "preparing people to become responsible citizens" as the number-one purpose of our nation's schools. In the 2006 Spellings Report on U.S. Higher Education, the authors spoke of the need to empower our citizens through education. Consistently, the public has believed that students should be taught civic competence, values, dispositions and the skills needed to participate in a democratic society. In addition to schools, however, many other institutions - from religious congregations to scouting organizations to political parties to 4-H clubs to NGOs - are also working to develop responsible citizens.

In confronting this important public issue, CECD is hosting a "Civics and Civility Summit," where we are bringing together political, educational, and community leaders to assess the state of our civic education and discuss ways to strengthen that education throughout our lives.

For a complete list of partners, invited speakers and registration information, see the conference website.