NAEYC Accredited

Center for Child Development


Kansas State University
1 Jardine Drive

Manhattan, Kansas-66506




“I never thought that my son would go to same childcare that I went to back in 1986. It has been a great experience. Jackson loves his teachers, and he loves coming here.” Alisha Comer, 22. K-State architecture student.




The K-State Center for Child Development is truly an abundance of cultural diversity. Through day-to-day interaction children from different continents learn about foreign cultures and traditions. Currently the K-State Center for Child Development enrolls children from Albania, China, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, North America, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Paraguay, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Uzbekistan. The center greatly values cultural diversity and celebrates that it is a community with families from all over the world.

Children at the center speak many world languages: Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Spanish, German, Africans, Indonesian, Sinhaleese, Telugu, and Malayalam, to name a few. For these children the center has teachers who are certified in English as a Second Language and provide special support to families, encourage families to continue to speak their native language to create bilingual children, and also help children learn English quickly so they can integrate into a new society. All cultures learn from each other in this diverse environment.