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“I never thought that my son would go to same childcare that I went to back in 1986. It has been a great experience. Jackson loves his teachers, and he loves coming here.” Alisha Comer, 22. K-State architecture student.


Special Diet Requests

We wish to respect all of our families' wishes and while that is not always possible, we will do the best we can to meet children's nutritional needs within our guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Center's Food Program Director Kylie Martin at (785) 532-3700 or dyna3327@k-state.edu.

Requests for a Special Diet Due to Allergies, Food Intolerances, Medical Professional Orders or Lifestyle Choice can be made by completing a "Special Diet Notification Form".

Allergies, Food Intolerance and Medical Professional Orders: The “Special Diet Notification Form” allows a parent to describe allergy and/or intolerance, as well as their child’s reaction and treatment. This information is then posted with your child’s picture in your child’s classroom so that all staff is aware. You must also have a certified medical authority complete the “CACFP Drs Note” and, if the reaction requires medication, a “Medication Dispense Form” advising the type of medication required, how much medication to give, and its expiration date. All three forms can be obtained from the Center’s office.

Lifestyle Choices: The Center caters for the following Lifestyle Choices: Vegetarian, No Beef and/or No Pork. Once the “Special Diet Notification Form” is completed, there is no other paperwork required. Our food service provider and our federal food program regulations do not allow us to provide organic or vegan meals. You may complete a “Parent Request to Supply Food from Home Form” and if approved by Center’s Management, you would prepare and supply these meals from home. This request may take up to 3 weeks to review. In addition, organic and cow's milk substitutes cannot be provided by the Center. The parent may provide milk substitutes with a completed “Special Diet Notification Form” and “Meal Modification Form.” Almond milk cannot be brought into the Center as we are a nut-aware facility.

Bringing food into the center for your child

Parents may not bring food prepared at home for their children to consume due to the large number of children with allergies at the Center. However, exceptions may be made for documented allergies or Dr.s’ orders that the Center cannot cater for. In this case a “Parent Request to Supply Food from Home Form” must be completed and approved.

The center is a peanut and treenut free facility

Due to severe allergic reactions NO peanuts or treenut products are allowed into the Center. Please help us to insure the safety of all of our children.