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Career Center

Preparing for a Career Fair

Who Should Attend

Any K-State student or alumnus can attend career fairs in both the fall and spring. Students early in their programs can meet employers and learn about future career opportunities. 

Why Attend a Career Fair

Organizations participate in fairs to identify prospective candidates for internship/co-op, and full-time career positions. Career Fairs provide students an opportunity to: 

  • Learn about career opportunities and research prospective employers
  • Identify and/or create employment opportunities (intern/co-op, full-time positions)
  • Hone job-hunting skills
  • Network and meet hiring managers
  • Land a job

Career Fair Resources

How to Work a Career Fair (PDF)
  • Handout (PDF) from on key tips to utilize in preparing for Career Fair
Attracting Attention at Career Fairs

Nine ways to attract attention at career fairs.

Business Cards

Some employers may not accept resumes at career fairs so it may be helpful to make business cards.

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