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Prepare for the Fair

 Majors, Minors and More

Prepare for the Fair brochure

Majors, Minors and More will offer many opportunities to explore the various academic options offered at K-State. Check out this brochure to begin to prepare for the event.

Event Map

Browse the event map to plan your course.

K-State Academic Options

Find your major and match the number to the event map.

Trying to decide where to go first? See the attached lists of academic majors broken up by work environments.

Social - People in the social category prefer to work with others. They tend to be highly verbal, express themselves well, and get along well in groups.

Enterprising - People in the enterprising category often prefer activities selling and promoting. They enjoy influencing others and being in a leadership position.

Conventional - People in the conventional category often prefer orderly, systematic work. Work tasks often include keeping records, and organizing written and numerical materials according to a plan.

Realistic - People in the realistic category often prefer to work with objects and things. They are likely to enjoy creating things with their hands and using tools and machines.

Investigative - People in the investigative category often have a strong desire to understand cause and effect, and solve puzzles and problems. They often work in jobs that are scientific in nature. 

Artistic - People in the artistic category prefer to be expressive. They like the opportunity to create new things and be innovative.

For additional help with deciding on your major, stop by our office!