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Education On-Campus Interviews Timeline and Instructions for Students


This event will bring school districts from Kansas and other states to recruit candidates for prospective and/or vacant teacher or administrative positions. December 2017, May 2018 and August 2018 graduates are all strongly encouraged to attend. Alumni are also welcome - please contact Alison at 785-532-6508 for more information.

Interview Schedules

All interested candidates who MATCH the employer's criteria (teaching fields) can choose an interview time. Please review the deadlines carefully.

  • Student sign-up for interviews begins 2/1/18
  • Student sign-up for interviews ends at midnight on 2/27/18

Activate your Handshake Account

  • Go to k-state.edu/careercenter
  • Click on Students – go to login: Career Center Account
  • Enter your K-State eID and password
  • Verify and complete your profile information and upload your resume

Interview Sign up

  • Click on Jobs – then On Campus Interviews
  • On the left under filters, in the date box choose March 5 in both boxes and choose the label edoci elementary, edoci secondary, edoci special education or edoci other to match your certification level. 
  • Choose the district you want to interview with
  • Choose the applicable related job
  • Click "Apply Now," and choose your resume
  • Choose a time slot

If you have any problems or questions please contact Alison at (785) 532-6508.

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