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Online Resumes

Use of Resume Templates

As a general rule, it is a good idea to avoid using templates. Resume templates can help you get started if you have never built a resume before but likely will resemble a document thousands of other job seekers are using. If you do use a template, make sure you modify it to make the resume yours. Employers can often spot a resume template. Each time you submit a resume, it should be written for the exact position you are applying for.

Infographic Resumes

Depending on your industry, it may be appropriate to build a creative, unique infographic resume. Make sure you understand the standards for your industry before attempting a graphic-based resume as it may not be acceptable for employers in your field. 


Create an online resume with Prezi. Use one of three templates (or create your own) to build an electronic resume using Prezi.

Instagram Resumes

This article outlines ways to use Instagram in your job search. Using Google: "Instagram Resumes" will show a wide range of examples.

Pinterest Resumes

There are several ways you can use Pinterest in your job search including pinning your resume. You can also view Pinterest resume examples.


Using a word cloud generator like Wordle can help you focus your resume towards a specific position.


Use About.me to create a landing page for yourself that can be found if employers search you via Google. Can be used to connect your other online sites.


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