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Online Reputation

Online Presence and Reputation

What is your online presence saying about you? How you portray yourself online can impact your employment opportunities and career. Here are some tips to create and keep your professional online presence.

Be Proactive - Increase your professional online presence by building visibility. 

  • Utilize professional social media sites such as LinkedIn
  • Follow organizations of interest on their social media sites
  • Create a professional website, blog or e-portfolio
  • Join online groups in your industry area

Be Alert - Search yourself online and see what is out there.  Try more than one search engine as well as Pipl.com.

Be Professional - How you interact online could indicate to an employer how you will act in person.

  • Clean up your social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Ask your friends to take down any inappropriate content containing your image or un-tag yourself.
  • Consider how what you post may be viewed by outsiders.
  • Note that employers do not always search social media but many will want to know what could be out there for their clients or business partners to see should they hire you.
  • Nothing you put online is private.

Protecting your Online Image 

Check out this infographic of 4 things you should know about your online image and what employers are looking for.



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