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Center for Advocacy, Response and Education

Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education 40

The Center for Advocacy Response and Education (CARE), formerly the K-State Women's Center, recently commemorated 40 years of serving students: 1973-2013.

Forty years ago the K-State Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education was established to assist women who were hurt by the crime of rape and sexual assault. Throughout the years, the mission of the Center has expanded to include such areas as Social Justice, Equity, and most recently, Nonviolence. Creating a campus of compassion and courtesy-- where care is the default and inequality gives way to connectedness -- is the goal. This goal seems distant at times and yet in the individual, small moments between us it is often found. Join us, all who are friends of the Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education, all who would like to be connected to our office and our mission, and share the love.

Here is our Win-Win Video, envisioned almost a decade ago by Dr. Susan Allen, former Director of the Women's Center, as an example of how promoting nonviolence can make a more compassionate, caring campus: