The Media and Violence Against Women

Part 1: A Case (Chris and Rihanna)

Violence against each other is of course a tragedy for humans; sometimes people actually CHOOSE to engage in violence with each other for a variety of reasons. However, the ugly violence against women and children that has apparently existed across time and cultures is particularly tragic as it alters the trajectory of the very heart and soul and future of entire cultures (see Congo).

Relational Violence (“Domestic” violence, spousal battering, wife beating) in the United States is at heartbreaking levels and is an embarrassment to civilized people. We are going to begin to look at and post some in-depth materials related to violence against women here on the Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education Webpage. The Director's Blog also has material related to this issue and you are welcome to comment there. 

This first posting is to begin wondering out loud: 

How is the media addressing the issue of dating or relational violence? It may appear to many that the presentation of this issue by the media is focused on the celebrity, the gossipy side; will they get back together? Will they release some pictures? Will he do it again? What did her face look like? 

Are Media Helping or Hurting? 

The media has a responsibility to report facts, fairly and accurately. Where is the information about this widespread problem (a third of high school girls have been hit or beaten by a boyfriend)? Where are the media calls for intervention, prevention, legislation? 

Here is one case—Rihanna and Chris—and if you are under 30 or follow pop music, you know who these people are.

Interview With Diane Sawyer (Rihanna )

Part 1

Interview With Robin Roberts (Chris Brown)

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The Talking Heads

Wendy Murphy

Chris Browns's New Low

News Links articles/1604609/20090209/ rihanna.jhtml Entertainment/WinterConcert/ story?id=6863344&page=1 entertainment/2009/02/10/ chaos-chris-brown-rihanna- mess/ article/0,,20257828,00.html news/newstopics/celebritynews/ 4582574/Chris-Brown-and- Rihanna-Singer-condemns- domestic-violence.html

Part 2: Myths of Dating Violence