Healthy Relationships

To cultivate Healthy Relationships in one’s life, a key prerequisite is to be healthy oneself. So, if you want to set and work toward goals of having healthy friendships, healthy family relationships, and healthy romantic possibilities, the place to start is with yourself.

There are some neat books you can start with, like, If the Buddha Dated by Charlotte Kasl, or Homecoming, by John Bradshaw. There is great Wellness Counseling at the K-State Counseling Services, and you can always start by speaking with a trusted professor, an old friend, a parent, an RA or SafeZone Ally, or a pastor, priest, rabbi, or cleric.

Think of this: If you get yourself into a really great place, where you are pursuing the things you like; where  you are passionate about your life and your interests, you will attract similar people to yourself.


Before dating others, 
Get yourself right first--
With your family, if needed, if possible
Get yourself right first--
With your goals (school, work) 
Get yourself right first--
With your community (volunteer, charity, helping others)
Get yourself right first--
With your own life (music, art, sports, cooking, sewing, animals, garden)And then, the relationships you form will naturally be positive and long-lasting.

Here are some handouts and websites to get you thinking

Materials and Handouts

Speaking up in Relationships (PDF)

Assertive bills of rights (PDF)

The Dance of Wounded Souls (PDF)

Dealing with Difficult People in a Healthy Way (PDF)

Are you well?

A good book to move past old wounds and toxic people and start getting yourself healthy and happy.

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