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Welcome to K-State Men's Page

The K-State Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education is on a mission to help end sexual violence on our campus, in our community, and throughout the world. This is why we focus on engaging men to become catalysts for a change in culture—a movement towards a world that will no longer tolerate rape, sexual assault, or any other form of interpersonal violence or harassment.

MEN, if you want to stand against sexual violence and all interpersonal violence, take the time to increase public awareness of violence-related issues and to advocate non-violence practices to your fellow men and women. Here are a few ways that you can help the cause:

  • Be an active role model for your peers and younger males by showing them how you act in a healthy relationship or friendship
  • Learn about the cultural, psychological, and physical impact of rape and how to effectively help a victim in need
  • Become more aware of the signs of a healthy relationship. Then, reevaluate and positively change your own practices/beliefs
  • Implement effective bystander intervention in high-risk situations
  • Refrain from using sexually or racially discriminating language
  • Get involved in a campus or community organization that incite progressive culture change (Wildcats Against Rape, Safe Zone, FIRE, LGBTQ and Allies, Black Student Union, Delta Lambda Phi, Flint Hills PFLAG, etc)

If you or someone close to you has experienced this traumatic event, you are welcome to come to the Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education (206 Holton Hall) or call us at 532-6444 for information about reporting or counseling options.

The Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education Staff presents on many topics related to Sexual Violence and Safety including:

  • Self-discovery—empowerment, shedding baggage, inner calm;
    Finding your trajectory—self as healthy, powerful, effective, in charge
  • Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships—awareness of balance in connection/relationship, selfishness versus seeking approval, authenticity versus image management; goals of relationship
  • Unhealthy Behaviors/Risk Management—awareness of dangerous situations; being smart/looking ahead; legal issues; legal guidelines, the law. Legal consent issues.
  • How to Help an Assault Survivor—teaching men about the psychological, physical, & cultural impact of rape and other violence on their sisters, girlfriends, and friends; how to assist, how to teach others about this crime.
  • Culture change/leadership—Rising waters lift all ships—how to help create a culture of integrity and honor on the K-State campus. Workshop on men of real strength and honor taking charge of living groups.

Call the Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education at 785-532-6444 during office hours or e-mail jrhaymak@k-state.edu or jmtripod@k-state.edu to schedule a presentation.