Effects of Sexual Assault

Everyone reacts to trauma events differently. Generally, individuals do feel traumatized by trauma events—individual or community or global, sometimes even if that trauma happened to another person or occurred a long time ago. Sometimes people push the trauma healing away for a few weeks or months just to cope.

No one goes through life without periods of sadness, hurt, anger, and other difficult feelings. Here’s what we know—you can move through pain faster and with greater learning by connecting with others. The psychological trauma caused by sexual assault can be severe and long lasting, or may temporarily affect your mood, concentration, academics, relationships, or physiology. Many KSU students have found it useful to speak with the Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education advocate. The advocate provides information and referrals, and will explore options and possibilities that are right for you.

Download more information about the response to acts of violence, betrayal, and sexual assault:

Common Reactions (PDF)

Responding to sexual violence (PDF)

Responding to the assault of another person (PDF)

Friends, Partners, Family (PDF)

Legal Consent (PDF)

Information for the K-State Counseling Services

Suggestions for Partners of Victims of Rape (Word)

Things Not to Say To a Survivor (Word)