Office of the Provost
Lynn Carlin
Special Assistant to the Provost
106 Anderson Hall



Task Force Membership

David Delker (Technology & Aviation, Chair)
Karen Pence (Human Ecology, Secretary)

Sonya Baker (Arts and Sciences)
Andrew Bennett (Arts and Sciences)
Sara Blankley (Admissions)
Susan Cooper (Registrar)
Steve Dandaneau  (Provost’s Office)
Brad Cunningham (Business Administration)
David Griffin (Education)
Lisa Last (Architecture)
Judy Lynch (Academic Assistance Center)
Trina McCarty (Continuing Education)
Diane Murphy (Education)
Alice Niedfeldt (Business Administration)
Monty Nielsen (Registrar)
Larry Satzler (Engineering)
Scott Schlender (Graduate School)
Zachary  Swartz (Registrar)
Marion Tilford (Agriculture)
Melinda Wilkerson (Veterinary Medicine)
Christine Wilson (Agriculture)

Diana Blake ITS-ISO
Rebecca Gould  ITS-ITAC
John Letourneau  ITS-ISO
Ken Stafford ITS CIO
Loren Wilson, ITS-ISO

(ITS representatives attend as needed.)