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Meeting Notes December 14, 2011- 9:00 A.M.

401 Hale Library


Mike Crow (iSIS), Tilford (AG), C. Wilson (AG), Last (AR), Miller* (AS), Cunningham (BA), Murphy (ED), Larry Satzler (EN), Karen Pence (HE), David Delker (TC), Scott Schlender (GR), Linda Morse (DCE), Judy Lynch (ADV), Bennett (FS/AAC), Monty Nielsen (REG), Diane Blake (ISO), John Letourneau (ISO)

*nee Alsop

K-State Connect Project

Technology representatives shared information about the “K-State Connect” project, a mobile-friendly K-State webpage containing dynamic, personalized and customized K-State content, easily found and navigated, providing personalized content and access to highly used, core K-state systems.  It was noted that there is an existing academic assistance program called “K-State Connect” that may cause confusion.

Operational Topics (Crow)

End of Semester Processes

seem to be going smoothly.  There are some problems reconciling enrollment and grade rosters.  Non-standard term grades are due by December 20 unless the class ends after December 18.

Post-baccalaureate Minor Completion Processing

will migrate after the holidays.  Training will be held in March.

Repeatable Courses

spreadsheet will be provided to verify what’s listed as repeatable in DARS, in iSIS and in the UG/GR Catalogs.  Robert Gamez is researching new information about “Title 4” impact.

WAITLIST Clarification:

iSIS does NOT prevent students from waitlisting for multiple sections of the same course, nor does it prevent being both waitlisted and enrolled in the same course.  Mike will check.  

Automated Grade Changes

will be ready to go for Spring 2012 or Fall 2012 implementation.  

A/Pass/F (Pence)

Students can request A/Pass/F grading option without adviser or dean’s approval and without understanding University policy for application of courses with “Pass” grades.  Can students be alerted to check policy when they request A/Pass/F grading option?  Can Dean’s Approval be required for A/Pass/F requests?  Can Deans receive a report of A/Pass/F requests to verify that A/Pass/F grading option is acceptable?  Mike will look into it. 

Proposed Projects

Should Class Syllabi be included in iSIS? (L. Wilson)

Consensus was “NO.”  Faculty do not want to put syllabi in iSIS, particularly if designated access to iSIS is implemented.

New Projects

EIS-iSIS Fit Gap Analysis(L. Wilson)

work continues.

Analyze Kuali Course and Curriculum Approval Module (L. Wilson) 

Wilson gave an overview of Kuali Curriculum Management.  See  A Web demo will be available after the first of the year for a small group that will include four iSIS Task Force members, Candace LaBerge (FS Office), Ellen Reynolds (UG Catalog),  Shannon Fox and Amanda Umscheid (both from Graduate School/Graduate Catalog).

Projects in Progress

  1. Student Planner (Crow) Crow wants to meet with Bennett after the first of the year regarding possible implementation Fall 2012.  Management of differences in MAN/SAL/DCE course offerings  has yet to be resolved.

    Reports on the following items were postponed due to time constraints.

  2. Post Enrollment Requisite Checking PERC (Crow)
  3. iSIS-CAS Integration (Letourneau)
  4. Designated Access (Blake)
  5. Extend student email privileges (Blake)
  6. Post Baccalaureate Minors (Blake)
  7. Automate deprovisioning of Faculty/Staff Access (Blake)


iSIS Systems Specialists (L. Wilson) - postponed

Next meeting: January 11, 2012 at 9:00 a.m.  -  Hale 401