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Meeting Notes October 8, 2008-9:00 A.M.

113 Seaton


Mike Crow (iSIS), Jennifer Gehrt (LASER), Tilford (AG), Wilson (AG), Herspring (AR), Pumphrey (AS), Niedfeldt (BA), Perl (ED), Larry Satzler (EN), Karen Pence (HE), David Delker (TC), Linda Morse (DCE), Doris Carroll (FS), Monty Nielsen (REG), Gunile DeVault (REG), Al Cochran (PROV), Cooper (ADM)

Midterm Academic Progress Reports

process will be tweaked.  Default to satisfactory so faculty will only have to enter “unsatisfactory.”  Add adviser’s view in Student Center.

Encourage faculty to check grade rosters to be sure they have access.  (Lists of those classes that need “APPROVE” status entered were distributed to College reps.)

Emphasize to faculty the 5:00 PM December 23 shut down for grade submission (and the consequences of missing that deadline).

Discussion:  should the date for submission of midterm grades be later?  Problem: some faculty have no basis for determining satisfactory/unsatisfactory progress because they have not had tests or projects submitted.  Problem:  delaying midterm assessment doesn’t leave much time to turn around “unsatisfactory” performance before the end of term.  Refer to CAPP.

Is a report available to identify faculty who have first time freshmen in their classes but did not submit midterm assessments?

Have students been notified of APRs?  Mike Lynch has (or is sending) an e-mail to students.

Are APRs being distributed to Residence Halls for staff followup?

Adviser Flags

have been applied for S09.  Neither F08 or S09 flags have an end date.  How flags for two different terms impact student access is not clear.  Student access to drop ends on October 31.  Enrollment for S09 begins October 27.  F08 flags will be purged on October 26 so that the F08 flag doesn’t interfere with S09 enrollment access if the S09 flag has been changed.  October 26-31 becomes an open drop period – students will be able to drop F08 classes without adviser changing the flag.

F08 Graduation Lists

are available for pick-up at REG Office.  Lists are in EMPLID order and can’t be sorted.  Shanna Pumphrey reported that only about half the number of CFDs submitted are on the graduation list provided.  Shanna Pumphrey, Larry Satzler and Karen Pence will work with Mike Crow on S09 graduation clearance process.

Question:  when will Colleges receive the list of students receiving Graduation Honors?


There are still some problems with attaching advisers to advisees, and attaching instructors to courses.  Adviser/Advisee reports still seem to have inaccuracies.
Is there a way to view a sample DARS for use in orientation classes?  Try last name TEST.

Master Extract needs academic level, ACT, subplans.

Student Contact Record (similar data as SIS/SRDI) will be migrated this week.  Access limited to Student Life, CDean, CDeansOffice, and Department Office roles.

Student Center – Default for Weekly Schedule View

 Jennifer Gehrt asked what the parameters for weekly schedule view should be.  Recommendation:  7:30 AM to 8:30 (or 9:00) PM.


(Handout: list of reports)  Review list and run reports by November 10 meeting for discussion.  Mike will e-mail list of suggestions collected to date.  (Add to list:  grades < C)

Class Schedule

Brian has trainings scheduled – encourage schedule entry staff to attend for update.  Room capacity continues as an issue.  Room capacity includes the instructor.


Should waitlist period be extended to two weeks instead of one?  FS/AAC discussed, but took no action.  Issue may have to go to CAPP.  (Faculty concerns about late entry into classes if waitlist is extended.)

iSIS Grading Training available through KSOL

iSIS Grading training available for instructors

Training for iSIS Grading is now available online via K-State Online and is open to all K-State instructors. Sign up to request access to the self-paced online tutorial. The tutorial covers how to enter and approve final grades in iSIS, as well as how to copy final grades from K-State Online to iSIS. In addition to the online training, instructor-led training is available.

(InfoTech Tuesday, Oct 7, 2008)

Advising Flag and Non-Standard Classes

Linda Morse reported that applying the adviser’s flag creates a barrier that discourages enrollment in non-standard classes.  Flags had been removed from non-degree students – did they go back on when the flags were reapplied?

S09 Class Schedule

still has some clean-up issues that need to be fixed before enrollment starts October 27.

Academic Standing

(e.g., “Warning”) does not appear in current term info, but in the term in which it was applied.