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103 Leadership Studies
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Minutes of August 10, 2005

Mary Anne Andrews (HE) 
Karen Pence (HE) 
David Delker (TC)
Mike Perl (ED) 
Ike Ehie(BA) 
Jean Sommer (Grad Sch) 
Lynn Ewanow (AR/D) 
Betty Stevens (DCE) 
Ray Hightower (EN) 
Alice Trussell (AA)
Jackie McClaskey (AG)
Alison Wheatley (AS) 
Larry Moeder (AD)


Michael Crow, Alfred Cochran, Ron Jackson

Call to Order:

Karen Pence called the meeting to order at 10:37 a.m.

Acceptance of Agenda.

Adjustments to agenda: A&S NSCMT

Approval of minutes:

A few editorial changes were recommended. 
Minutes were approved

Report on LASER
  • Mike Crow reported that Ron Jackson has been working with him for the College of Business. Progress has gone well but it may be partly because only a few people have been able to dedicate time to the project.
  • Technical Assistance Requests - TARS-are the way to communicate with Oracle. Mike has adopted this procedure as well, and will develop a College TAR procedure.
  • College of Engineering is next. There will have some adjustments, ie, if student doesn't have a requirement, a message will pop up to tell the student exactly what is missing.
  • Mike reminded CAPP that K-State is trying to do in 3 years what has taken 25 years to do.
  • Mike is pleased with teamwork with CAPP and hopes that will spread throughout campus. He is also pleased with teamwork within the LASER team. Communication with Deans is important so they are not surprised. For example, if our understanding of reserved seating is x, then set up a rule in the system, and test to see if it really works.
  • He is expecting teams of 2-4 people per college. Someone at the Asst Dean level is needed, and other members should be limited to Dean's office.
  • Some concern is growing as goal approaches to get LASER up in 2006.
  • Website: In the lower right hand corner - site is password protected.
  • Jackie McClaskey: What is commitment of time and personnel? The College of Business Administration has committed Dr. Ehie, Benta Jande, Ron Jackson, and Alice to the project.
  • Training sessions will Thursdays 10-12, Fairchild Hall, weekly from Oct to 1 st week of December. Representatives from all colleges will meet together. It will be very time consuming to test the course entries.
  • Lynn Ewanow asked if the 2 hours with 6 colleges will be an effective use of time. Mike Crow said that colleges will be able to ask questions via TARS.
  • Registrar will convert download all current inventory of courses into SIS before we get started
  • Alison Wheatley: the form can use current terminology, Ie, course (not unit) and curricular (not course version). The plan is to create a sheet for every undergrad and grad course


Admissions/Financial Aid
  • Larry Moeder: Admissions portion of LASER on target for July-Oct 2006. They have been testing and are very close to getting a recruitment module to interface with Oracle system to integrate information from recruitment through admissions.
  • Financial aid dispersed on August 12 th ; tuition and fees also due on August 12 th .
  • Tuition Assistance for spouses or dependents of full time employees: $456/semester. 286 students will be getting 3 credit hours/semester for full time undergraduate, on-campus course. Graduate students just need to be enrolled to receive tuition assistance of $215/semester.
  • Financial Aid is dispersing more money than ever before.


Academic Affairs
  • Alice Trussell reported that AA will be distributing surveys to find out what surveys (seniors, alumni, etc.) are being done in colleges and departments.


Non Standard Class Times

ID 499 B, C OK, ongoing 
GEOL 715 OK, on going 
BIOL 546 OK, on going


Old Business


New Business
  • First-day Attendance policy: College of Agriculture will email all students to explain that drops do not necessarily happen automatically.
  • OCR policy - one or two- semester approval. Reviews are needed. CAPP website has policy.
  • Ray Hightower recommended that a representative from Provost's office be invited to be part of CAPP permanently.


Meeting Adjourned:

12:00 p.m.

Next meeting:

September 14, 10:30 a.m. 301 Calvin Hall