Information Technology Services is offering several Canvas training sessions.

To sign up for Canvas training, sign in to HRIS

  1. Under Employee Self Service, select Learning and Development.
  2. Select KSU Training Enrollment.
  3. Locate the course you want, and click View Available Sessions.
  4. Click on the session you would like to attend.
  5. Verify your personal information and then click Continue.

Canvas Orientation Training

Canvas Orientation Training is available to prepare instructors who are upgrading their courses to K-State Online powered by Canvas for Spring 2015. The training will be conducted in two parts: Canvas Orientation Pt. 1 and Canvas Orientation Pt. 2.

To make the most of your training, we highly recommend that you take the Canvas Orientation Pt. 1 and Canvas Orientation Pt. 2 during the same week. Participants need to bring a laptop to participate in the practice course. Registration is required, so sign up for the course in HRIS. All Canvas Orientation Training classes will be in Hale 301a.

Canvas Orientation Part 1
12/02/201412:30PM-2PMCanvas Orientation Pt. 1Open
12/08/20143:30PM-5PMCanvas Orientation Pt. 1Open
01/05/201510:30AM-NoonCanvas Orientation Pt. 1Open
01/05/20152:30PM-4PMCanvas Orientation Pt. 1Open
01/06/201510:30AM-NoonCanvas Orientation Pt. 1Open
01/06/20152:30PM-4PMCanvas Orientation Pt. 1Open
01/12/201510:30AM-NoonCanvas Orientation Pt. 1Open
01/12/20151:30PM-3PMCanvas Orientation Pt. 1Open
01/13/201510:30AM-NoonCanvas Orientation Pt. 1Open
01/13/20151:30PM-3PMCanvas Orientation Pt. 1Open
Canvas Orientation Part 2
11/20/201410:30AM-NoonCanvas Orientation Pt. 2Open
12/04/201412:30PM-2PMCanvas Orientation Pt. 2Open
12/10/20143:30PM-5PMCanvas Orientation Pt. 2Open
01/07/201510:30AM-NoonCanvas Orientation Pt. 2Open
01/07/20152:30PM-4PMCanvas Orientation Pt. 2Open
01/08/201510:30AM-NoonCanvas Orientation Pt. 2Open
01/08/20152:30PM-4PMCanvas Orientation Pt. 2Open
01/14/201510:30AM-NoonCanvas Orientation Pt. 2Open
01/14/20151:30PM-3PMCanvas Orientation Pt. 2Open
01/15/201510:30AM-NoonCanvas Orientation Pt. 2Open
01/15/20151:30PM-3PMCanvas Orientation Pt. 2Open

Assessment Training

A Canvas walk-in workshop will be held in conjunction with the Institute for Student Learning Assessment on Friday, Nov. 14Instructors upgrading their courses to K-State Online powered by Canvas can receive face-to-face help by attending the Canvas walk-in workshop. The workshop will be 8:30 a.m.-1:45 p.m. on the second-floor concourse of the K-State Student UnionHelp is available on a first-come, first-served basis. You will need to bring a laptop with you to access your course. K-State’s Office of Assessment will be on hand to provide help with aligning your questions with outcomes in Canvas.

High-quality assessment is the first step in improving student learning. The self-paced Student Learning Assessment in Canvas training will teach you how to: set up outcomes, use rubrics, create question banks, and how to track and improve student learning.

Instructor Training Guides

Canvas Guides is the online help site for instructors using Canvas. The site is searchable and provides step-by-step lessons on how to use Canvas. The online lessons are continually updated and many of the lessons include videos. The downloadable PDF manuals are updated with every release.