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Updates to K-State's event calendar interface

Updates to the Pulse event calendar interface will be released Monday, September 29 at 9 a.m. The display of the calendar on webpages will not be affected. There will be about 5 minutes of downtime for the release.

What's changing

The next time you sign in to Pulse you will be greeted with an updated interface. The two biggest changes are added filtering features in the left column and a slimmed-down calendar list in the main area.

The filtering features allow you to filter by additional fields for events such as type, venue, and status. The filter selections appear at the top of the calendar list and can be cleared from there as well.

To slim down the calendar list audience field was removed from display and Actions moved below the event providing more horizontal space for the event title and date.

Remember that the default calendar display in Pulse shows events for the next two months. That date range is still listed in the left column just below the keyword search.

New features include
  • Advanced filtering and breadcrumbs
  • Upgraded template and branding
  • Improved 'All Calendars' list: removed 'Audience' column, moved the 'Action' dropdown, changed status label
  • Optimizations for load time, both for the dashboard and for website display


Screen shot of new interface