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Budget Office

University Budget Advisory Committee


The members for 2016-2017 are:

  • April Mason, Provost and Senior Vice President, chair
  • Cindy Bontrager, Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Pat Bosco, Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students
  • Darren Dawson, Dean, College of Engineering
  • Lori Goetsch, Dean, K-State Libraries
  • Andy Bennett, President, Faculty Senate
  • Carol Marden, President, University Support Staff Senate
  • Amanda Martens, President, Graduate Student Council
  • Jessica Van Ranken, President, Student Governing Association
  • Julia Keen, At-large faculty representative
  • Susan Erichsen, At-large unclassified professional representative
  • Loleta Sump, At-large university support staff representative
  • Jack Ayres, At-large undergraduate student representative
  • Ethan Erickson, Assistant Vice President for Budget Planning, ex-officio
  • Steve Logback, Associate Vice President, Division of Communications and Marketing, ex-officio
  • Lynn Carlin, Special Assistant to the Provost and Senior Vice President, ex-officio