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University Budget Advisory Committee

The University Budget Advisory Committee was established in September 2013. Utilizing the shared governance model, this committee is tasked with providing strategic recommendations to the K-State president related to the university budget. Key goals of the committee are development of an open, transparent, and uniform general use budget request process for all units; strategic alignment and prioritization of budget requests with available resources; and enhanced collaboration with the Student Tuition & Fees Strategy Committee, balancing affordability and access with revenue needs.

  1. Implement an annual transparent budget request process for university funding and evaluate and recommend priorities for inclusion in the three-year budget plan.

  2. Construct a rolling three-year GU budget plan for the university (including current fiscal year, next year, and following year) and recommend budget scenarios and prioritized expenditures to respond to changing revenue streams and funding commitments on an annual basis.

  3. Evaluate and make recommendations on the impact to the three-year GU budget plan of proposed major capital projects.

  4. Review and comment on proposals for university funding strategies for revenue generation, finding cost savings, and/or budget reallocation.

  5. Assist in communicating budgetary priorities to internal audiences, including periodic updates to the university community as appropriate.

Provost and Senior Vice President, chair


Vice President for Administration and Finance


Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students


2 Deans appointed by the Provost and Senior Vice President

3 years (renewable)

President or designee from Faculty Senate

3 years (renewable)

President or designee from University Support Staff Senate

3 years (renewable)

President or designee from Graduate Student Council

1 year (renewable)

President or designee from Student Governing Association

1 year (renewable)

At-large faculty representative

1 year (renewable)

At-large unclassified professional representative

3 years (renewable)

At-large university support staff representative

3 years (renewable)

At-large undergraduate student representative

3 years (renewable)

Assistant Vice President for Budget Planning


Associate Vice President, Division of Communications and Marketing


Special Assistant to the Provost and Senior Vice President


2016-2017 Committee Members
Annual Budget Proposal Process

Upon the recommendation of the University Budget Advisory Committee, the President has approved the implementation of a unified budget request proposal process beginning in the fall of CY 2015. It was the desire of the committee that such a process would enable all units to document their needs for additional General Use financial resources in a standard manner and that all proposals would be evaluated at the same time utilizing the same criteria.

To that end, the first link, under "Quick Links" section, provides a flow chart of the new Annual Budget Proposal process. The chart depicts how the various budget proposals would flow through the process and the associated timeline for submission, review, and recommendation to the President. The second link is the standardized request form which all units will utilize when completing the proposals. The last link provides the budget Planning and Management principles by which proposals will be evaluated. To be clear, the principles are not listed in order of preference or weighting. The final methodology for recommending proposals will be determined this fall by the committee.

The goal of this new process is for the University Budget Advisory Committee to review all proposals, weigh them against the budget principles, and recommend for the President's consideration funding of proposals that further the initiatives of the university and balance the budget.

University Budget Advisory Committee Recommendations

FY 2017 Recommendations (pdf)


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