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K-State budget initiative

K-State has a long history and reputation of being a proactive university.

This tradition, spirit of cooperation and positive approach will serve us well as we work together to resolve our budget challenges.

Budget Initiative

K-State should shape its future proactively. A reduced-budget environment is an opportunity for us to rethink the way our university does its work and how we can perform most efficiently.

February 22, 2010--President Schulz has completed his recommendations to identify $15 million from additional revenue or budget reductions effective with the FY 2011 budget. Provided is a spreadsheet with overall recommendations (in summary form) Budget Solutions (PDF), a second spreadsheet with detailed cuts by unit area Budget Reduction Detail (PDF) and a memo which summarizes the key recommendations received from various groups along with comments on each item Memo from President Schulz (PDF). Two forums have been scheduled to provide the campus community the opportunity to discuss and ask questions of these recommendations. The first forum is scheduled on Tuesday, February 23rd at 1:30 p.m. in the Union Forum Hall. The second forum is scheduled on March 1st at 2:00 p.m. in the Salina College Center Conference Room.

January 11, 2010--The initial cost-benefit analysis has been completed for the budget reduction and revenue generation synthesized suggestions. The files listed below have been distributed to the key groups: Faculty Senate Leadership Council, Dean's Council, President's Cabinet, Classified Senate President, Student Senate President, Provost's Office and Administration and Finance Office. These groups have been requested to provide their thoughts and perspectives back to President Schulz by January 29th. President Schulz will submit his draft budget reduction and revenue generation recommendations to the KSU community on February 15, 2010. ( A delay of one week has been agreed upon by President Schulz and Faculty Senate President LeHew.)

Budget Reduction List dated 1-11-2010 (PDF)

Revenue Generation List dated 1-11-2010 (PDF)

November 13, 2009--The budget reduction and revenue generation suggestions have been synthesized to reduce duplication and are listed below. The lists will be used in the cost-benefit analysis phase of the budget initiative process.

Revenue Generation Synthesize List (PDF)

Budget Reduction Synthesize List (PDF)

November 9, 2009--The budget suggestions submitted from the survey have been compiled and distributed to Faculty Senate leadership, FSCOUP Chair, Student Body President, Classified Senate President, Dean's Council, President's Cabinet, Provost, and Administration and Finance Office. Each of these groups have categorized each of the suggestions into three groups: short term, long term and do not consider at this time. The following four files are a result of the categorization with none of the suggestions including "do not consider at this time".

Budget Reduction Short Term List (PDF)

Revenue Generation Short Term List (PDF)

Other Suggestions Short Term List (PDF)

Budget Reduction, Revenue Generation and Other Suggestions Long Term List (PDF)

Attachment for Suggestion #107 in the Budget Reduction Short Term List (PDF)


Budget Initiative Processes and Timelines

Processes and Timeline for Evaluating Budget Ideas (PDF)

This document outlines the processes and dates that have been identified to complete our goal of budget reduction or revenue generation of $15 million.

Budget Reduction and Revenue Generation Criteria (PDF)

A list has been developed to assist in the evaluation process of the budget ideas.


FY 2010 Budget Reduction Information