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    “Bridges is more than just a program. It is a group of individuals who will guide you towards a successful collegiate career by providing you with the opportunity to research alongside individuals who are regarded as experts in their respective fields.” 

    - Alejandro Estrada, formerly Seward County Community College

    "The Bridges program made my transition from a community college to Kansas State University a pleasant experience.  I have met several people that have had a positive influenced on my career. The research experience I gained in this program made me a stronger competitor when applying to K-State College of Veterinary Medicine."

    - Alejandra Desormaux, formerly Seward County Community College

    "The Bridges scholarship has helped me in several ways. It has helped me financially by helping me pay for tuition, which has provided me with some piece of mind - knowing that my school would be paid; it has introduced me to a group of like-minded peers, of which most will be my life-long friends and colleagues; and most importantly, Bridges has given me the opportunity to work and learn from professors on a hands on basis. This provided me with experiences that many of my classmates were not getting. I worked on research projects and learned methods as an undergraduate that have made graduate school easier."

    - Sammy Ornelas, formerly Garden City Community College

    "Bridges was one of the best programs that I have been a part of. I learned so much about myself, my goals, and I achieved more than I thought I would be able to. Thanks to Bridges I am living the life my parents dreamed I would have."

    - Lizette Strader, formerly Dodge City Community College

    " Besides offering a great tuition scholarship, Bridges offers a new perspective on what we as students can accomplish. Bridges helped my transition to K-State to be simple. It also gave me the necessary information for my adaptation to the new lifestyle. My Bridges summer internship opened doors to other great opportunities, including a Harvard internship and visiting professors at University of California-Berkley."

    - Jorge Mendoza, formerly Garden City Community College

    " The Bridges Program really helped to diminish my apprehension about attending a university. During the summer intersession, I had the opportunity to meet other future & current K-State students, as well as become familiar with the campus. The internship allowed me to establish relationships with professors & learn about scientific research while earning financial assistance!"

    - Vanessa Reyes, formerly Garden City Community College

    "The main benefit about the Bridges Program experience was the gradual introduction of the imense magnitude a university environment such as K-State can be. The connections that you make with people, as well as the familiarity of the campus, is something that definitely helped me 'bridge' or transition from the much different environment that a community college provides. In my opinion the Bridges Program is an exceptional program that is definitely optimal for transfer students."

    - Victor Salazar, formerly Dodge City Community College

    "Bridges opened doors of opportunity that I never realized were there."
    "Bridges makes me feel like someone believes in my potential and capability and is willing to give me a hand to make my dreams become a reality."
    "The taught of continuing my education at the university level was out of reach for me, until Bridges made it possible for someone like me to continue with my education in the university level."

    - Edgar Martinez, formerly Seward County Community College



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    Kansas State University
    February 5, 2010