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  • Research Projects Completed by Former Bridges Summer Interns

  • Drug and alcohol abuse among teens
  • Isolation and utilization of cord matrix cells as a potential delivery system for anti-cancer molecules

  • The effect of lung stimulant fluid on aggregation and agglomeration of beef confined animal feeding operations dust

  • Interaction and integration of central and peripheral vascular responses during exercise

  • Physical activity in family child care settings

  • Chemotaxis of the nematode C. elegans

  • Caloric restriction versus aerobic exercise in molecular signaling for a murine model of skin carcinogenesis

  • Computer simulations in nuclear physics for maximizing the simulated output of anti-matter

  • Biochemistry of cuticle protein crosslinking in insect exoskeletons

  • The impact of psychological trauma from bioterrosim, physical and mental abuse, natural disasters upon psychological development in adults

  • Mental health all-hazards preparedness, response and recovery: a public health response

  • Recombinant DNA Technology

  • Purification of Recombinant Yeast eIF1 Protein by Column Chromatoghraphy from Bacteria

  • The Cav2.3 Calcium Channel and Growth Factor Signaling in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

  • Effect of Conconavalin A on Rat Umbilical Cord Stem Cells and Canine Osteosarcoma Cells

  • Equine Health Care Modules

  • Characterization of Environmental Isolate of Enterococcus

  • Generation of Reporter Gene Constructs to Determine the Role of Cis-acting Regions on Alcohol-mediated Regulation of NMDA R1 Receptor Subunit Gene Expression

  • The Effects of Posture on Stroke Volume & Oxygen Consumption During Exercise

  • Influence of Muscle Fiber Type on Oxygen Uptake Kinetics During Moderate Intensity Cycle Exercise

  • The Cockroach as a Sentinel for Environmental Lead Contamination

  • Isolation of a Rat Natural Antibiotic Peptide with Chemotactic Properties towards Leukocytes

  • Differential Patterns of Connexins in Colon Cancer Progression

  • The Effects of Contraction Frequency on the Cardiac Output/VO2 Relationship

  • Construction and Characterization of a Virus Overexpressing a Fibroblast Growth

  • Resistant Starch Type 4 - The Effects on Glycemic Index in Young Adults

  • Characterization of Environmental Isolates ofEnterococcus faecalis

  • Application of Proteinomics Analysis for Protein Profiling of Weight-Controlled Mice

  • Carbon cycling in cool- and warm-season grasses with and without mycorrhizae

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    Kansas State University
    February 5, 2010