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FAQ for Seminar Speakers

Thank you very much for agreeing to visit here and give a research seminar. We understand it takes a considerable commitment to prepare a seminar, and to travel here. We truly appreciate your participation in our research and educational mission. Below you will find some information and some hints that should help you with planning for your upcoming visit. You should receive a more detailed letter approximately three weeks prior to your visit, but the information below should answer most of the questions that our seminar speakers have.

  • How do I get to Manhattan? Each seminar speaker will need to schedule their own travel arrangements. It is simply more efficient for travelers to make their own travel arrangements, and that way you can take into account all the details that are important to you (frequent-flier miles, preferences for certain times of day for travel, meal arrangements, etc.). Please keep all receipts (airfare, parking, shuttle, etc.) for reimbursements.
  • Where will I stay and what will I eat? We will make the reservations for your lodging and send you those details a few weeks in advance of your visit. When dining, keep in mind that state regulations prohibit reimbursement for alcohol so please ask for separate receipts for any alcohol purchased during dining.
  • For reimbursement purposes, we will need original itemized receipts for all your travel expenses.  Non-itemized receipts cannot be reimbursed.  You can send your receipts to your host or directly to Bonnie Cravens. 
  • This includes itemized receipts (ones that show exactly what you consumed) for any meals you purchased.  The Division of Biology does not reimburse alcohol.
  • If you submit an airline ticket or rental car receipt it must be the copy that shows the last 4 numbers of your credit card.  The total amount charged to the credit card must also be shown on the receipt.  If what is submitted does not show this information---the expense cannot be reimbursed.
  • Please sign the front of all receipts in ANY color ink EXCEPT black.
  • We will need a W-9 form and your email address
  • How do I start to prepare my seminar presentation? - The Division of Biology is a diverse group with faculty research interests in areas from ecosystems to molecules. As you prepare your talk, please keep in mind that students and faculty from all these disciplines attend the seminars. A general introduction that explains the basics of the work and the broader implications of your results will be appreciated by all. That does not mean the whole seminar needs to be simplified, but the introduction should allow all listeners to understand the importance of your work and its place in broader framework. Consider this to be an opportunity to advertise your results to a diverse group of biologists. Finally, when preparing a power point presentation, please embed the fonts. This will improve the chances that the presentation will appear the same here as it does on your computer monitor.  
  • What do I need to tell you about my seminar in advance? - Please send your abstract to Diane Ukena two weeks prior to your seminar, so that a seminar announcement can be created. If you have a picture of yourself (or a particularly charming research organism) that you would like to be included in the announcement, please send that in a .jpeg or .gif format.
  • How long should I talk? - Seminars are from 4-5pm on Fridays. Please plan your presentation for 45-50 minutes to allow enough time for questions and discussion.
If you have additional questions, please contact your host or Diane (email link above). We look forward to welcoming you to the Division of Biology at Kansas State University!


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