Would you like to be a practicum student in BIOL 198 (Principles of Biology)?

If you achieved a grade of A or B in BIOL 198, and if you are interested in biology instruction, or just in getting a behind-the-scenes look at the delivery of this incredibly popular course, then we would like to invite you to become a practicum student. You will find that your understanding of the material covered in this course will increase by at least an order of magnitude as you figure out ways to teach it along with the faculty and staff next semester.

You will get credit for this activity, since you will enroll for 2 hours of credit in BIOL 365 (Practicum in Biology); these two hours count toward the electives for your Biology major. Your responsibilities would include assisting in instruction twice a week for 2 hours, in a studio section that fits into your schedule for your other classes. Other responsibilities will vary, depending on the coordinator of the course each semester. In the fall semesters, for example, you will be required to turn in a brief report after the end of each module, documenting your impressions of what went well, what went not-so-well, and suggestions for improving that module. In the upcoming spring 2016 semester, you will be required to work through and provide suggestions/comments on new computer/manual material for the class.

So if this sounds like an opportunity that you'd like to seize, please contact the coordinator of the course for Spring 2016, Dr. Eva Horne (ehorne@ksu.edu) and let her know as soon as possible. In order for you to enroll in BIOL 365, she will need your Wildcat ID so that she can add your name to the permission list. She will also try to answer any additional questions that you might have.

Hope to hear from you soon!