Principles of Biology - Biol 198

Your textbook publishers have made a nice web site to help you use and extend the material in the book. Check it out! And if you aren't sure of the definition of some long biological term, look it up in this nice online glossary from McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. Or the BIOLOGY site from WebRef, which also has definitions that might be useful in other classes such as physics, chemistry, anthropology etc.

Here are some additional links to help you explore the material for each module. Send suggestions for additional links that you think we should include to

Module 1 - Introduction to Science, Biology and Evolution
Module 2 - Ecology and Biodiversity
Module 3 - Biological Chemistry and Cell Biology
Module 4 - Genetics
Module 5 - Energetics
Module 6 - Plants
Module 7 - Animals

Last updated August 2009

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