Attendance:   Attendance is required and will be recorded for every class by means of a short quiz or other activity. At the end of the semester the total possible points awarded for these quizzes or activities will be normalized to 30 points (see below).  Collaboration with other students and the staff is an important component of the studio learning experience, as is the wrap-up session at the end of each class period.  Even though many of the course materials are available on the WWW site (see below), there is no substitute for class attendance. Because the in-class work is so critical to your learning in this course, you may accumulate no more than three absences during the semester (i. e., miss more than three quizzes).  The lowest three quiz grades will be dropped before calculating your final grade. However, if you miss more than three class periods, you will be penalized 5 exam points (approximately 2% of your semester grade) for each absence beyond three (3).  Arriving after the daily quiz or leaving early constitutes an absence.  There is NO distinction between "excused" and "unexcused" absences; all absences, regardless of cause, will be counted equally. If problems arise with your studio attendance, please discuss the situation with your studio instructors before you accumulate 3 absences!


From the BIOLOGY 198 syllabus. For more information and background about this attendance policy, see the FAQ or click here.