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    Dawn M. Kaufman

    Research Assistant Professor

    Ph.D. 1998, University of New Mexico

    Community ecology; structure and assembly of communities; macroecology; geographical gradients of diversity; biogeography; paleoecology; effects of climate change on species and ecosystems; grassland ecology; conservation

    Recent Publications:

    White, E.P., P.B. Adler, W.K. Lauenroth, R.A. Gill, D. Greenberg, D.M. Kaufman, A. Rassweiler, J.A. Rusak, M.A. Smith, J. Steinbeck, R.B. Waide, and J. Yao.  2006.  A comparison of the species-time relationship across ecosystems and taxonomic groups.  Oikos 112: 185-195.  

    Kaufman, D.W., D.M. Kaufman, and G.A. Kaufman.  2005.  [Review of] Mammals of North America (R.W. Kays and D.E. Wilson).  Wildlife Society Bulletin 33: 1183-1184.  

    Adler, P.B., E.P. White, W.K. Lauenroth, D.M. Kaufman, A. Rassweiler, and J.A. Rusak.  2005.  Evidence for a general species-time-area relationship.  Ecology 86: 2032-2039.  

    Fay, P.A., D.M. Kaufman, J.M. Blair, S.L. Collins, A.K. Knapp, M.D. Smith, J.B. Nippert, and C. Harper.  2005.  Rainfall variability and ecosystem response in a mesic grassland.  Geophysical Research Abstracts 7: 11155.  

    Parmesan, C., S. Gaines, L. Gonzalez, D.M. Kaufman, J. Kingsolver, A.T. Peterson, and R. Sagarin.  2005.  Empirical perspectives on species borders:  from traditional biogeography to global change.  Oikos 108: 58-75.  

    Fortin, M.‑J., T. Keitt, B.A. Maurer, M.L. Taper, D.M. Kaufman, and T.M. Blackburn.  2005.  Species’ geographic ranges and distributional limits:  pattern analysis and statistical issues.  Oikos 108: 7-17.  

    Currie, D.J., G.G. Mittelbach, H.V. Cornell, R. Field, J.-F. Guégan, B.A. Hawkins, D.M. Kaufman, J.T. Kerr, T. Oberdorff, E.M. O’Brien, and J.R.G. Turner.  2004.  Predictions and tests of climate-based hypotheses of broad‑scale variation in taxonomic richness.  Ecology Letters 7: 1121-1134.  

    Maurer, B.A., J. Alroy, J.H. Brown, T. Dayan, B.J. Enquist, S.K.M. Ernest, E.A. Hadly, J.P. Haskell, D. Jablonski, K.E. Jones, D.M. Kaufman, S.K. Lyons, K.J. Niklas, W.P. Porter, K. Roy, F.A. Smith, B. Tiffney, and M.R. Willig.  2004.  Similarities in body size distributions of small-bodied flying vertebrates.  Evolutionary Ecology Research 6: 783-797.  

    Smith, F.A., J.H. Brown, J.P. Haskell, S.K. Lyons, J. Alroy, E.L. Charnov, T. Dayan, B.J. Enquist, S.K.M. Ernest, E.A. Hadly, K.E. Jones, D.M. Kaufman, P.A. Marquet, B.A. Maurer, K.J. Niklas, W.P. Porter, B. Tiffney, and M.R. Willig.  2004.  Similarity of mammalian body size across the taxonomic hierarchy and across space and time.  The American Naturalist 163: 672-691.  

    Willig, M.R., D.M. Kaufman, and R.D. Stevens.  2003.  Latitudinal gradients of biodiversity:  pattern, process, scale, and synthesis.  Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics  34: 273-309.  

    Smith, F.A., S.K. Lyons, S.K.M. Ernest, K.E. Jones, D.M. Kaufman, T. Dayan, P.A. Marquet, J.H. Brown, and J.P. Haskell.  2003.  The body mass of late Quaternary mammals.  Ecology 84:3403 and Ecological Archives E084-094.  

    Hawkins, B.A., R. Field, H.V. Cornell, D.J. Currie, J.-F. Guégan, D.M. Kaufman, J.T. Kerr, G.G. Mittelbach, T. Oberdorff, E.M. O’Brien, E.E. Porter, and J.R.G. Turner.  2003.  Energy, water, and broad‑scale geographic patterns of species richness.  Ecology 84: 3105-3117.  

    Kaufman, G.A., D.M. Kaufman, and R.L. Rehmeier.  2002.  How can we produce educational products with GAP data?  Gap Analysis Bulletin 11: 52-54.  

    Kaufman, D.M., G.A. Kaufman, and D.W. Kaufman.  2000.  Faunal structure of small mammals in tallgrass prairie:  an evaluation of richness and spatiotemporal nestedness.  Pp. 47-70.  In Reflections of a naturalist:  papers honoring Professor Eugene D. Fleharty (J.R. Choate, ed.).  Fort Hays Studies, Special Issue, 1: 1-241.  

    Kaufman, D.M., and M.R. Willig.  1998.  Latitudinal patterns of mammalian species richness in the New World :  the effects of sampling method and faunal group.  Journal of Biogeography 25: 795-805.

    Voice: (785) 532-0123
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