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Kimberly A. With


Ph.D. 1993, Colorado State University

Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology

Research Interests:  the ecological consequences of habitat loss and
fragmentation, assessment of species extinction risk, and the risk of invasive spread

2 Bushnell Hall
(785) 532-5040 

Laboratory for Landscape and Conservation Ecology

In the News

Selected Research Publications

Skelsey, P., K. A. With, and K. A. Garrett.  2013. Pest and disease management:  Why we shouldn't go against the grain. PLoS ONE 8(9): e75892.

Skelsey, P., K. A. With, and K. A. Garrett. 2013. Why dispersal should be maximized at intermediate scales of heterogeneity. Theoretical Ecology 6: 203-211.

With, K. A., and D. M. Pavuk.  2012. Direct versus indirect effects of habitat fragmentation on community patterns in experimental landscapes. Oecologia 170: 517-528.

With, K.A., and D.M. Pavuk.  2011.  Habitat area trumps fragmentation effects on arthropods in an experimental landscape system.  Landscape Ecology 26: 1035-1048.

Blevins, E., S. M. Wisely, and K. A. With.  2011.  Historical processes and landscape context influence genetic structure in peripheral populations of the collared lizard (Crotaphytus collaris) Landscape Ecology 26: 1125-1136.

Blevins, E., and K.A. With. 2011.  Landscape context matters: local vs. landscape effects on abundance and patch occupancy of collared lizards in managed grasslandsLandscape Ecology 26: 837-850.

Klug, P. E., S.M. Wisely, and K.A. With. 2011. Population genetic structure and landscape connectivity of the Eastern Yellowbelly Racer (Coluber constrictor flaviventris) in the tallgrass prairie of northeastern Kansas, USA. Landscape Ecology 26: 281-294.

Klug, P.E., S.L. Jackrel, and K.A. With.  2010.  Linking snake habitat use to nest predation risk in grassland birds: the dangers of shrub coverOecologia 162:803-813.

Margosian, M.L. K.A. Garrett, J.M.S. Hutchinson, and K.A. With.  2009.  Connectivity of the American agricultural landscape: Assessing the national risk of disease and crop pest spread. BioScience 59: 141-151.

Rahmig, C.J., W.E. Jensen, and K.A. With.  2009.  Grassland bird responses to land management in the largest remaining tallgrass prairieConservation Biology 23: 420-432.

With, K.A., A.W. King, and W.E. Jensen.  2008.  Remaining large grasslands may not be sufficient to prevent grassland bird declines. Biological Conservation 141: 3152-3167.

With, K.A., G.R. Schrott, and A.W. King.  2006.  The implications of metalandscape connectivity for population viability in migratorysongbirdsLandscape Ecology 21: 157-167.

Schrott, G.R., K.A. With, and A.W. King.  2005.  Demographic limitations on the ability of habitat restoration to rescue declining populationsConservation Biology 19: 1181-1193.

Schrott, G.R., K.A. With, and A.W. King.  2005.  On the importance of landscape history for assessing extinction riskEcological Applications 15:  493-506.

With, K.A.  2004.  Assessing the risk of invasive spread in fragmented landscapesRisk Analysis 24: 803-815.

With, K. A. 2002. The landscape ecology of invasive spread. Conservation Biology 16: 1192-1203

With, K.A., D.M. Pavuk, J.L. Worchuck, R.K. Oates, and J.L. Fisher.  2002.  Threshold effects of landscape structure on biological control in agroecosystemsEcological Applications 12:  52-65.

With, K.A., and A.W. King. 2001. Analysis of landscape sources and sinks: the effect of spatial pattern on avian demography. Biological Conservation 100: 75-88.

With, K.A., S.J. Cadaret, and C. Davis. 1999. Movement responses to patch structure in experimental fractal landscapes. Ecology 80: 1340-1353.

With, K.A., and A.W. King. 1999. Extinction thresholds for species in fractal landscapes. Conservation Biology 13: 314-326.

With, K.A. 1997. The application of neutral landscape models in conservation biology. Conservation Biology 11: 1069-1080.

With, K.A., and A.W. King. 1997. The use and misuse of neutral landscape models in ecology. Oikos 79: 219-229.

With, K.A., R.H. Gardner, and M.G. Turner. 1997. Landscape connectivity and population distributions in heterogeneous environments. Oikos 78: 151-169.

With, K.A., and T.O. Crist. 1995. Critical thresholds in species' responses to landscape structure. Ecology 76: 2446-2459.

With, K.A. 1994. Using fractal analysis to assess how species perceive landscape structure. Landscape Ecology 9: 25-36.



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