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Ruth Welti


Ruth Welti

University Distinguished Professor

Ph.D. 1982, Washington University in St. Louis
Cellular Biology

Structure and function of cell membranes; Mass-spectrometry-based lipid analysis.


508 Ackert Hall
(785) 532-6241

Lipidomics Research Center
Lipid Signaling/Lipidomics Group
Functional Genomics Consortium
Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology Web

Description of Research

The focus of my research program since 2000 has been on the development of a quantitative, high-throughput, mass-spectrometry-based lipid profiling technology and the application of this technology to identify alterations in lipid metabolism that occur as results of signaling events and/or stress responses.  Through ongoing collaboration with researchers working in Arabidopsis, an organism that is particularly genetically tractable and relatively easy to grow and manipulate, we have been able to put into practice a very efficient lipid profiling technology.  Funded by NSF, Kansas NSF EPSCoR, Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation, Kansas Biomedical Infrastructure Network, and Kansas State, we have established the Kansas Lipidomics Research Center (I am serving as Director) and its fee-for-service lipid profiling analytical laboratory at Kansas State, we have developed high-throughput, quantitative methods for all the major lipid polar classes in plants, yeast, and animals, and we have examined the role of lipids in physiological responses. The Lipidomics Center can also perform structural analysis and can analyze simple lipids and other metabolites.  See for updates.

In plants, stresses that lead to alterations in lipid metabolism include drought, cold, freezing, wounding, pathogens, and insect pests.   Utilizing plants with genetic alterations, in collaboration with others, we are profiling lipids to determine the function of genes involved in these processes.  Currently we are focused on understanding the function of oxidized and head-group-acylated membrane lipids during plant stress. These compounds may regulate the function of enzymes or transcription factors.  Our lab’s roles in collaborative projects are to develop new technologies, to perform the lipid profiling data collection and processing, and to aid in data interpretation.  We also grow plants, subject them to stress, and analyze their stress phenotypes, and lipid compositions.

Selected Research Publications

Haller, J.F., Cavallaro, P., Hernandez, N. J., Dolat, L., Soscia, S.J., Welti, R., Sun, Y., Grabowski, G.A., Milstone, L. M., Fitzgerald, M. L., and Freeman, M. W. 2013. Endogenous β-glucocerebrosidase activity in Abca12-/-epidermis elevates ceramide levels after topical lipid application but does not restore barrier function J. Lipid Res. In press.

Ju, S., Mu, J., Dokland, T., Zhuang, X., Wang, Q., Jiang, H., Xiang, X., Deng, Z.-B., Wang, B., Zhang, L., Roth, M., Welti, R., Mobley, J., Jun, Y., Miller, D., and Zhang, H.-G. 2013. Grape exosome-like nanoparticles induce intestinal stem cells and protect mice from DSS-induced colitis. Molecular Therapy 21, 1345-1357.

Li, M., Bahn, S.C., Fan, C., Li, J., Phan, T., Ortiz, M., Roth, M.R., Welti, R., and Wang, X. 2013. Patatin-related phospholipase pPLAIIIδ increases seed oil content with long-chain fatty acids in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. 162, 39-51.

Li, M., Baughman, E., Roth, M.R., Han, X., Welti, R., and Wang, X. 2013. Quantitative profiling and pattern analysis of triacylglycerol species in Arabidopsis seeds by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry Plant J. In press.

Narasimhan, R., Wang, G., Roth, M., Welti, R., and Wang, X.  2013. Differential changes in galactolipid and phospholipid species in soybean leaves and roots under nitrogen deficiency and after nodulation. Phytochem. 96, 81-91.

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Vu, H.S., Roth, M., Tamura, P., Samarakoon, T., Shiva, S., Honey, S., Lowe, K., Schmelz, E.A., Williams, T.D., and Welti, R. 2013. Head-group acylation of monogalactosyldiacylglycerol is a common stress response, and the acyl-galactose acyl composition varies with the plant species and applied stress. Physiol. Plant. In press.

Vu, H.S., Shiva, S., Hall, A.S., and Welti, R. 2013. A lipidomic approach to identify cold-induced changes in Arabidopsis membrane lipid composition. In Plant Cold Acclimation, Methods in Molecular Biology. Ed., D. Hincha. Humana Press, New York, NY. In press.

Zhao, J., Devaiah, S.P., Wang, C., Li, M., Welti, R., and Wang, X. 2013. Arabidopsis phospholipase Dβ1 modulates defense responses to bacterial and fungal pathogens. New Phytol. 199, 228-240.

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Kilaru, A.*, Tamura, P.* (* = equal contribution), Isaac, G., Welti, R., Venables, B.J., Seier, E., and Chapman, K.D. 2012. Lipidomic analysis of N-acylphosphatidylethanolamine molecular species in Arabidopsis suggests feedback regulation by N-acylethanolamines. Planta 236, 809-824.

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McHaney, A.M., Welti, R., Roth, M.R., Dinnetz, J.M., Furney, S.R., Pendergraft, J.S., Epp, T.S., and Minton, J.E. 2012. Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation affects selected phospholipids in peripheral white blood cells and in plasma of full-sized and miniature mares. J. Equine Vet. Sci. 33, 779-786.

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