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Mark H. Mayfield

Research Assistant Professor

Ph.D. 1997, University of Texas

Plant systematics; taxonomy of new world Euphorbia (Euphorbiaceae);
plant identification and floristics.


313 Bushnell Hall
(785) 532-2795

Laboratory for Plant Molecular Systematics
Kansas State University Herbarium

Selected Research Publications

Mayfield, M. H. and G. L. Webster. In press. Euphorbiaceae (various treatments). In (B. G. Baldwin, convening ed.) The Jepson Manual, 2nd edition. University of California Press, Berkeley.

Mayfield, M. H. and V. W. Steinman. 2010. Euphorbia spellenbergiana (Euphorbiaceae), a new species from Mexico. Acta Botanica Mexicana 90: 43-50.

Floden, A. J., M. H. Mayfield and C. J. Ferguson. 2009. A new narrowly endemic species of Dirca (Thymelaeaceae) from Kansas and Arkansas, with a phylogenetic overview and taxonomic synopsis of the genus. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 3: 485-499.

Yatskievych, G. and M. H. Mayfield. 2006. Euphorbiaceae, in Yatskievych, G., Steyermark's Flora of Missouri Vol. 2: 1010-1057.

Woods, T. M., S. C. Strakosh, M. P. Nepal, S. Chakrabarti, N. B. Simpson, M. H. Mayfield and C. J. Ferguson. 2005. Introduced species in Kansas: floristic changes and patterns of collection based on an historical herbarium. Sida 21: 1695-1725.

Prather, L. A., O. Alvarez-Fuentes, M. H. Mayfield and C. J. Ferguson. 2004. The decline of plant collecting in the United States: a threat to the infrastructure of biodiversity studies. Systematic Botany 29: 15-28.

Prather, L. A., O. Alvarez-Fuentes, M. H. Mayfield and C. J. Ferguson. 2004. Commentary: implications of the decline in plant collecting for systematic and floristic research. Systematic Botany 29: 216-220.

Mayfield, M. H. 2003. The varieties of Liatris elegans (Asteraceae). Sida 20(2): 597-603.

Neyland, R., Mayfield, M. H. and L. E. Urbatsch. 2000. A vascular flora survey of Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. Sida 20: 597-603.

Mayfield, M. H. 1999. A new species of Emorya (Buddlejaceae). Sida 18: 693-699.

Nesom, G. L. and M. H. Mayfield. 1995. Dirca mexicana (Thymeleaceae) a new species from Tamaulipas, Mexico. Sida 16 (3): 459-467.

Mayfield, M. H. 1993. New combinations in Chamaesyce Gray (Euphorbiaceae) from Texas and the Chihuahuan Desert. Phytologia 75 (2): 178-183.

Carr, W. R. and M. H. Mayfield. 1993. Chamaesyce velleriflora (Euphorbiaceae) new to Texas and the USA. Sida 15(3): 550-551.

Mayfield, M. H. 1991. Euphorbia johnstonii (Euphorbiaceae), a new species from Tamaulipas, Mexico, with notes on the subsection Acutae. Sida 15 (4): 573-579.

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