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David A. Haukos

Associate Professor
Unit Leader
Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Ph.D., 1991, Texas Tech University. Wildlife Science

Wetland Ecology; Avian Population Dynamics; Migration Ecology; Waterfowl; Natural Resource Policy; Environmental Education

205 Leasure Hall
(785) 532-6070

Research Focus

My research efforts focus on the effects of environmental and habitat changes on wildlife populations.  By extension, such changes are assessed in regard to delivery of ecological goods and services.   I primarily focus on wetland habitats especially High Plains playas, Gulf coastal marshes, and western riparian areas, with additional investigations in prairie ecosystems.  I principally concentrate on the influence of habitat quality and quantity on population dynamics of migratory waterbirds, prairie grouse, and grassland passerines.  Of particular interest is the role of wintering and migratory stopover locations in future reproductive success of migratory birds, which includes assessment of cross-seasonal effects and multi-spatial scale modeling.  In addition, I am involved in long-term development and assessment of novel models for environmental education.

Selected Research Publications

Smith, L.M., D.A. Haukos, and S. McMurry.  2011. Great Plains Playas.  In PressIn: Wetland Habitats of North America: Ecology and Conservation Concerns, D. Batzer and A. Baldwin (editors).

Haukos, D.A. and L. M. Smith. 2004. Plant communities of playa wetlands.  Special Publication of the Museum of Texas Tech University, Number 47. 63 pp.

Haukos, D.A. and L.M. Smith. 1997. The Common Flora of Playa Lakes. Texas Tech University Press. 196 pp.

Haukos, D.A., S. Martinez, and J. Hetzel.  2010.  Characteristics of pair ponds used by mottled ducks on the Chenier Plain of coastal Texas.  Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management In Press

Haukos, D.A. and L.M. Smith. 2003. Past and future impacts of wetland regulations on playas.  Wetlands 23:577-589.

Haukos, D.A. and L.M. Smith. 2001. Temporal emergence patterns from seed banks of playa lakes. Wetlands 21:274-280.

Haukos, D.A. and L.M. Smith. 1999. Lek longevity and age structure of attending lesser prairie-chickens. American Midland Naturalist 142:415-420

Haukos, D.A. and K.E Church. 1996. Evaluation of time-series analyses to forecast population indices of Greater Prairie-Chicken populations in Kansas. Bird Populations 3:1-13.

Anderson, A.M., D.A.  Haukos, and J.T. Anderson. 1999. Initial habitat use by anurans emerging to breed in playa wetlands. Wildlife Society Bulletin 27:759-769.

Anderson, J.T. and D.A. Haukos. 2003. Breeding ground affiliation and winter movements by greater white-fronted geese in northwest Texas. Southwestern Naturalist 48:365-372.

Andrei, A., L.M. Smith, D.A. Haukos, and J.G. Surles. 2006. Community composition and migration chronology of shorebirds in saline lakes of the Southern Great Plains, USA.  Journal of Field Ornithology  77:372-383.

Andrei, A., L.M. Smith, D.A. Haukos, and J. Sourles.  2008. Habitat use by migrant shorebirds in saline lakes of the Southern Great Plains.  Journal of Wildlife Management 72:246-253.

Bhattacharjee, J., D.A. Haukos, and J. Neaville. 2007. Vegetation response to disturbance in a coastal marsh in Texas.  Community Ecology 8:15-24.

Bhattacharjee, J., D.A. Haukos,  and J. Neaville. 2009. Influence of biotic and abiotic factors on annual aboveground biomass of an intermediate coastal marsh.  Wetlands 29:690-696.

Brennan, E.K., L.M. Smith, and D.A. Haukos.  2005.  Short-term response of wetland birds to prescribed burning in Rainwater Basin wetlands. Wetlands 25:667-674.

Johnson, L.A., D.A. Haukos, L.M. Smith, and S.T. McMurry.  2010.  Jurisdictional loss of playa wetlands caused by reclassification of hydric soils on the Southern High Plains.  Wetlands In Press

McRoberts, J.T., M.J. Butler, W.B. Ballard, H.A. Whitlaw, D.A. Haukos, and M.C. Wallace.  2011.  Detectability of lesser prairie-chicken leks: a comparison of surveys from aircraft.  Journal of Wildlife Management  75: IN PRESS

Miller, M.R., J.Y. Takekawa, J.P. Fleskes, D.L. Orthmeyer, M.L. Casazza, D.A. Haukos, and W.M. Perry.  2005.  Flight speeds of northern pintails during migration determined using satellite telemetry.  Wilson Bulletin 117:364-374.

Moon, J.A. and D.A. Haukos. 2006. Survival of female northern pintails wintering in the Playa Lakes Region of northwestern Texas.  Journal of Wildlife Management 70:777-783.

Moon, J.A., D.A. Haukos, and L.M. Smith. 2007. Changes in body condition of pintails wintering in the Playa Lakes Region.  Journal of Wildlife Management: 71:218-221.

Moon, J.A. and D.A. Haukos. 2009. Factors affecting body condition of wintering northern pintails. Waterbirds 32: 87-95.

Rice, M., D. Haukos, J. Dubvosky, and M. Runge.  2010.  Survival and recovery band-recovery models for northern pintails of North America.  Journal of Wildlife Management 74:778-787.

Saalfeld, S.T., W.C. Conway, D.A. Haukos, M.B. Rice, S.L. Jones, and S.D. Fellows.  2010.  Multiscale habitat selection by long-billed curlews (Numenius americanus) breeding in the United States.  Waterbirds 33:148-161.

Skagen, S.K., C.P. Melcher, and D.A. Haukos.  2008.  Reducing sedimentation of depressional wetlands in agricultural landscapes.  Wetlands 28:594-604.

Smith, L.M., D.A. Haukos, S.T. McMurry, T. LaGrange, and D. Willis.  2011.Ecosystem Services Provided by Playa Wetlands in the High Plains: Potential Influences of USDA Conservation Programs and Practices.  Ecological Applications  In Press

Smythe, L., and D.A. Haukos. 2010. Density of grassland birds in sand shinnery oak communities treated with tebuthiuron and grazing in eastern New Mexico.  Restoration Ecology In Press.

Taylor, J.P., L.M. Smith, and D.A. Haukos. 2006. Disturbance, overbank flooding, and woody plant establishment in the middle Rio Grande: 10 years after. Wetlands 26: 1150-1159.

Thomas, J.A., S. Cooper, and D.A. Haukos.  2004.  Skateboards or wildlife? Wetland problem solving.  Science and Children 11(7):20-24.



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