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David C. Hartnett

University Distinguished Professor

Ph.D. 1983, University Of Illinois, Plant Biology

Plant Population Biology; Plant-animal Interactions; Ecology of Grasslands and Savannas, Ecology of African Savanna Grasses; Mycorrhizal Symbiosis. 


107 Bushnell Hall
(785) 532-5925

Selected Research Publications

Benson, E., D.C. Hartnett and K. Mann. 2004.  Belowground bud banks and meristem limitation in tallgrass prairie plant populations.  Am. J. Botany 91: 416-421.  

Hartnett, D. C., A. L. F. Potgieter, and G. W. T. Wilson.  2004.  Fire effects on mycorrhizal symbiosis and root system architecture in southern African savanna grasses.  African J. Ecology   42: 1-10.

Hartnett , D.C. and G.W.T. Wilson.  2002.  The role of mycorrhizae in plant community structure and dynamics:  lessons from grasslands.  Plant and Soil.  244:319-331.  

Trollope, W.S.W., L.A. Trollope and D.C. Hartnett  2002.  Fire behaviour as a key factor in the fire ecology of African grasslands and Savannas. pp. 204.  In: D. X, Viegas (ed).  Forest Fire Research and Wildland Fire.  Millpress, Rotterdam Netherlands.

Hartnett , D.C. and G.W.T. Wilson.  1999.  Mycorrhizae influence plant community structure and diversity in tallgrass prairie.  Ecology 80:1187-1195.

Knapp, A.K., J.M. Briggs, D.C. Hartnett and S.J. Collins (editors).  1998.  Grassland Dynamics:  Long-Term Ecological Research in Tallgrass Priaire.  Oxford University Press, NY, 336 pp.

Hartnett , D.C. , A.A. Steuter and K.R. Hickman.  1997.  Comparative ecology of native and introduced ungulates.  pp. 72-101.  In: F. Knopf and F. Samson (eds.)   Ecology and Conservation of Great Plains Vertebrates.  Springer-Verlag.

Complete List of Research Publications -(PDF)

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