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Keith B. Gido


Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Fish Ecology, Invasive Species Effects, Fish Assemblage Structure


208 Bushnell Hall
(785) 532-6616

Fish Ecology Laboratory

Selected Research Publications

Bertrand, K.N. and K.B. Gido.  2007.  Effects of the herbivorous minnow, southern redbelly dace (Phoxinus erythrogaster) on stream ecosystem structure and function.  Oecologia. 151: 69–81.

Falke, J.A. and K.B. Gido.  2006. Effects of reservoir connectivity on stream fish assemblages in the Great Plains.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 63: 480-493.

Franssen, N.R., K.B. Gido, T. R. Strakosh, K. N. Bertrand, C. M. Franssen, C. P. Paukert, K. L. Pitts, C. S. Guy, J. A. Tripe, and S. J. Shrank. 2006.  Effects of floods on fish assemblages in an intermittent prairie stream.  Freshwater Biology 51: 2072–2086.

Gido, K.B., N.R. Franssen, and D.L. Propst.  2006.  Spatial Variation in d15N and δ13C Isotopes in the San Juan River, New Mexico and Utah: Implications for the Conservation of Native Fishes.  Environmental Biology of Fishes 75: 197-207.

Gido, K.B., J.A. Falke, R.M. Oakes, and K.J. Hase.  2006.  Fish-habitat relationships across spatial scales in prairie streams.  Hughes, B., P. Seelbach, and L. Wang (eds.) Influences of Landscapes on Stream Habitats and Biological Communities, American Fisheries Society Symposium 48: 265–285.

Knight, G.L. and K.B. Gido.  2005.  Habitat use and susceptibility to predation of four prairie stream fishes: implications for conservation of the endangered Topeka shiner.  Copeia 2005: 38-47.

Schaefer, J., K. Gido and M. Smith.  2005.  A test for community change using a Monte-Carlo approach.  Ecological Applications 15:1761-1771.

Dodds, W.K., K.B. Gido, M.R. Whiles, K.M. Fritz and W.J. Matthwes.  2004.  Life on the Edge: Ecology of Prairie Streams.  BioScience 54: 205-216.

Gido, K.B., J.F. Schaefer, and J. Pigg.  2004.  Patterns of fish invasions in the Great Plains.  Biological Conservation 118: 121-131.

Propst, D.L. and K.B. Gido.  2004.  Responses of Native and Nonnative Fishes to Natural Flow Regime Mimicry in the San Juan River.  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 133: 922-931.

Vaughn, C.C., K.B. Gido, and D.E. Spooner.  2004.  Ecosystem processes performed by unionid mussels in stream mesocosms: species roles and effects of abundance.  Hydrobiologia 527:35-47.

Complete List of Research Publications -(PDF)

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