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Walter Dodds

Walter K. Dodds

University Distinguished Professor

Ph.D., 1986, University of Oregon
Aquatic Ecology

Aquatic ecology; water quality; algae; microenvironmental gradients and microbial metabolism.


113 Bushnell Hall
(785) 532-6998

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Research Goals

To gain a general understanding of aquatic ecology, particularly with respect to how basic science is related to water quality and conservation.  My central area of emphasis has been trophic state of rivers and streams as influenced by biotic and abiotic factors.  Nutrient cycling, highlighting nitrogen, has been a focus in my laboratory.  My group is trying to link community dynamics and broad scale patterns of biodiversity to ecosystem functions in rivers and streams.  Recent efforts have also been directed toward providing a scientific basis for establishment of nutrient criteria in streams.

Selected Research Publications

Dodds, W.K. 2009. Laws, Theories, and Patterns in Ecology. University of California Press

Dodds, W.K. 2008. Humanity’s Footprint. Momentum, Impact, and Our Global Environment.  University of Columbia Press.

Murdock , J.N. and W.K. Dodds. 2007. Linking benthic algal biomass to stream substratum topography. Journal of Phycology 43:449-460.

O’Brien, J. M. , W.K. Dodds, K.C. Wilson, J.N. Murdock, and J. Eichmiller. 2007. The saturation of N cycling in Central Plains streams: 15N experiments across a broad gradient of nitrate concentrations. Biogeochemistry 84(8):31-49.

Dodds, W.K., E. Carney and R.T. Angelo. 2006. Determining Ecoregional Reference Conditions for Nutrients, Secchi Depth, and Chlorophyll a in Kansas Lakes and Reservoirs. Lake and Reservoir Management 22:151-159.

Dodds, W.K. 2006. Nutrients and the "Dead Zone": Ecological stoichiometry and depressed dissolved oxygen in the northern Gulf of Mexico.  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 4:211-217.

Dodds, W.K. and R.M. Oakes. 2006. Controls on nutrients across a prairie stream watershed: Land use and riparian cover effects. Environmental Management 37:634-646.

Dodds, W.K. 2006. Eutrophication and trophic state in rivers and streams. Limnology and Oceanography 51:671-680.

Dodds, W.K. and J.A. Nelson. 2006. Redefining the community: a species approach. Oikos 112:464-472.

Dodds, W.K. 2005. The commons, game theory, and aspects of human nature that may allow conservation of global resourcesEnvironmental Values 14:411-426.

Dodds, W.K., K. Gido, M. Whiles, K. Fritz, and W. Mathews.  2004. Life on the edge:  ecology of Great Plains prairie streams. Bioscience 54:202-216.

Dodds, W.K.  2003.  The misuse of soluble reactive phosphorus and inorganic nitrogen to indicate nutrient status of surface waters. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 22:171-181.

Dodds, W.K. 2002. Freshwater Ecology: Concepts and Environmental Applications. Academic Press. 569 pp.

Dodds,W.K. and B.J.F. Biggs. 2002. Water velocity attenuation by stream periphyton and macrophytes in relation to growth form and architectureJ. N. Am. Benthol. Soc. 21:2-15.

Dodds,W.K., V.H. Smith, and K. Lohman.  2002.  Nitrogen and phosphorus relationships to benthic algal biomass in temperate streamsCan. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 59: 865-874.

Dodds, W.K., B.J.F. Biggs, and R.L. Lowe 1999. Photosynthesis-irradiance patterns in benthic algae: Variations as a function of assemblage thickness and community structure. J. Phycol. 35:42-53.

Dodds, W.K. 1997. Interspecific interactions: constructing a general neutral model for interaction type. Oikos 78:377-383.

Complete List of Research Publications -(PDF)



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