K-State Division of Biology

Jack F. Cully, Jr.

Associate Professor
Assistant Unit Leader (Wildlife)
Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Ph.D., 1984, University of New Mexico
Population Ecology

Conservation Biology, Wildlife Ecology, Vector-borne Disease Ecology.


204C Leasure Hall
(785) 532-6534

Selected Research Publications

Collinge, S.K., C Ray, and J.F. Cully, Jr. 2008.  Effects of disease on keystone species, dominant species, and their communities.  Pps 129-144 In: Ostfeld, Keesing, and Eviner (eds.) Infectious Disease Ecology: Effects of Ecosystems on Disease and of Diseases on Ecosystems.  Princeton University Press. 

Augustine, D.J., J.F. Cully, Jr., and T.L. Johnson.  2007.  Influence of fire on black-tailed prairie dog colony expansion in shortgrass steppeRangeland Ecosystem Management 60: 538-542.

Augustine, D.J., M.R. Matchett, T.P. Toombs, J.F. Cully, Jr., T.L. Johnson, and J.D. Sidle.  2007.  Spatiotemporal dynamics of bleck-tailed prairie dog colonies affected by plagueLandscape Ecology 23: 255-267.

Bai, Y., M.J. Kosoy, J.F. Cully, Jr., T. Bala, C. Ray, and S.K. Collinge.  2007.  Acquisition of nonspecific Bartonella strains by the northern grasshopper mouse (Onychomys leucogaster)FEMS Microbiol Ecol 61: 438-448.

Cully, J.F., Jr., D.E. Biggins, and D.S. Seery.  2006.  Conservation of prairie dogs in areas with plague.  Pps 157-168 In: J. H. Hoogland (ed.) Conservation of the black-tailed prairie dog.

Collinge, S.K., W.C. Johnson, C. Ray, R. Matchett, J. Gersten, J.F. Cully, Jr., K.L. Gage, M.L. Kosoy, J.E. Loye, and A.P. Martin. 2005.  Landscape structure and plague occurrence in black-tailed prairie dogsLandscape Ecology 20: 941-955.

Collinge, S. K., W. C. Johnson, C. Ray, R. Matchett, J. Gersten, J. F. Cully, Jr., K. L. Gage, M. L. Kosoy, J. E. Loye, and A. P. Martin. 2005.  Testing the generality of a trophic cascade model for plagueEcohealth 2: 1-12.

Jensen, W.E., and J.F. Cully, Jr.  2005.  Density-dependent habitat selection by a brood-parasitic cowbird in tallgrass prairieOecologia 142: 136-149.

Jensen, W.E., and J. F. Cully, Jr.  2005.  Geographic variation in cowbird parasitism and dicksissel nesting success in Great Plains tallgrass prairieThe Auk 122: 648-660.

Cully, A.C., J.F. Cully, Jr., and R.D. Hiebert.  2003.  Invasion of exotic plant species in tallgrass prairie fragmentsConservation Biology 17: 990-998.

Winter, S.L., J.F. Cully, Jr., and J.S. Pontius.  2002.  Vegetation of prairie dog colony and non-colonized areas in southwest Kansas and southeast Colorado. Journal of Range Management  55: 502-508.

Cully, J.F., Jr. and E.S. Williams.  2001.  Interspecific comparisons of sylvatic plague in prairie dogsJournal of Mammalogy 82: 894-905.

Complete List of Research Publications -(PDF)


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