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Joseph Craine

Research Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Grassland ecosystem ecology. Nitrogen cycling and plant functional traits.


317 Ackert Hall
(785) 409-1655
Joseph Craine Homepage

Selected Research Publications

Craine, J.M. 2007. Plant strategy theories: replies to Grime and  Tilman. Journal of Ecology 95: 235-270.

Craine, J.M., J. Battersby, A. Elmore, and A. Jones. 2007. Building EDENs: the rise of Environmentally Distributed Ecological Networks.   Bioscience 57: 45-54.

Craine, J.M., C. Morrow, and N. Fierer. 2007. Microbial nitrogen  limitation increases decomposition. Ecology 88: 2105-2113.

McLauchlan, K. K., J. M. Craine, W. W. Oswald, and G. E. Likens.  2007. Changes in nitrogen cycling during the past century in a  northern hardwood forest. Proceedings of the National Academy of  Sciences of the United States of America 104: 7466-7470.

Craine, J. M. 2006. Competition for nutrients and optimal root allocation. Plant and Soil 285: 171-185.

Craine, J. M., W. G. Lee, and S. Walker. 2006. The context of plant invasions in New Zealand: evolutionary history and novel niches. In R. B. Allen and W. G. Lee, editors. Biological Invasions in New  Zealand. Springer Verlag, Heidelberg.

Elmore, A., S. Manning, J. Mustard, and J. Craine. 2006. Decline in  alkali meadow vegetation cover in California: the effects of  groundwater extraction and drought. Journal of Applied Ecology  43: 770-779.

Craine, J.M., W.G. Lee, W.J. Bond, R.J. Williams, and L.C. Johnson. 2005. Environmental constraints on a global relationship  among leaf and root traits. Ecology 86: 12-19.

Craine, J.M., and P.B. Reich. 2005. Leaf-level light compensation   points are lower in shade-tolerant woody seedlings: evidence from a   synthesis of 115 species. New Phytologist 166: 710-713.

Fierer, N., J. Craine, K. McLauchlan, and J. Schimel. 2005. Litter quality and the temperature sensitivity of decomposition. Ecology  85: 320-326.

Tjoelker, M.G., J.M. Craine, D. Wedin, P.B. Reich, and D. Tilman. 2005. Linking leaf and root trait syndromes among 39 grassland and   savannah species. New Phytologist 167:493-508.








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