From the Chronicle of Higher Education on December
5, 2008, the stipend in the Division of Biology for KSU compares favorably with the 111 institutions that responded to the survey.  

Our stipend is $20,020 plus tuition per calendar year.  The Average stipend was reported as



Welcome to the Division of Biology at K-State

The Division of Biology at Kansas State University is a comprehensive life-science research unit, with active research programs ranging from subcellular and genomic biology to ecosystem and community ecology. In addition, this breadth is enhanced by a number of research programs which bridge the traditional divide between “indoor” and “outdoor” biology. Thus a graduate student trained in the KSU Biology Division has opportunities to learn about (and contribute to) scientific knowledge across the spectrum of cutting-edge biological research.

The programs in Biology at KSU prepare our graduates for the future face of biological research, which is becoming ever more collaborative and interdisciplinary. On this site you will learn more about our faculty, our students, and the remarkable research programs that make KSU Biology an exciting place for graduate education and research.

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