Support and teaching responsibilities of KSU Biology graduate students


 All students who are admitted to the program are provided with full financial support. Currently this consists of assistantships totaling approximately $20,020 plus tuition per year. These funds are made available to the Division either from the state of Kansas (graduate teaching assistantships, or GTAs) or from research grants awarded to individual faculty members (graduate research assistantships, or GRAs). Students should continue to be funded for the duration of their degree programs, contingent upon satisfactory progress in our program and continued availability of funds.  Should an individual student’s status change from graduate research assistant to teaching assistant during graduate study in Biology at KSU, the level of total support will not change. The Division of Biology makes every effort to assure that the amount of support for all of our graduate students, regardless of the source of funds (teaching assistantship or research assistantship) is similar if not identical. Additionally, all Biology graduate students, regardless of the source of their support, participate equally in instructional activities during their time at KSU. We ask all of our graduate students, regardless of their source of financial assistance, to contribute to our instructional/teaching program, as a way of training our graduate students for the academic workplace. You should expect to participate in classroom instruction for about 6‑8 hours per week during the academic year, with summers free to concentrate on research.  Failure to fulfill teaching responsibilities as judged by the GAC and concurrence by Director of the Division of Biology is grounds for withdrawal of financial support from the Division of Biology and dismissal from the graduate program.

Amended and Approved by the Graduate Affairs Committee 9/14/2006

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