Employment While in Graduate School

TO: Division of Biology Graduate Students
FROM: Dave Rintoul, Graduate Program Director

 We need to remind faculty and students that graduate school is a “full-time job”. GAC members also achieved a consensus about this policy, which was an assumption that apparently needed to be made more explicit. The following paragraph will go into effect immediately, and will be appended to all letters of admission in the future.

 "The purpose of the graduate teaching or research assistantship is to allow students to devote their full-time efforts to their scholarly activities. No additional employment may be undertaken which would detract from this full-time effort. Should the student feel additional employment is necessary, then s/he must seek prior permission from her/his Major Advisor and the Graduate Affairs Committee. After review of the mitigating circumstances, the Graduate Affairs Committee may recommend that the Dean of the Graduate School allow employment within defined limits. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in the discontinuance of the assistantship."


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