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Laboratory for Landscape and Conservation Ecology



Kimberly A. With


Ph.D. 1993, Colorado State University

Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology

Research Interests:  the ecological consequences of habitat loss and
fragmentation, assessment of species extinction risk, and the risk of invasive spread

Selected Research Publications

Skelsey, P., K. A. With, and K. A. Garrett.  2013. Pest and disease management:  Why we shouldn't go against the grain. PLoS ONE 8(9): e75892.

Skelsey, P., K. A. With, and K. A. Garrett. 2013. Why dispersal should be maximized at intermediate scales of heterogeneity. Theoretical Ecology 6: 203-211.

With, K.A., and D.M. Pavuk.  2012. Direct versus indirect effects of habitat fragmentation on community patterns in experimental landscapes. Oecologia 170: 517-528.

With, K.A., and D.M. Pavuk.  2011.  Habitat area trumps fragmentation effects on arthropods in an experimental landscape system.  Landscape Ecology 26: 1035-1048.

Blevins, E., S. M. Wisely, and K. A. With.  2011.  Historical processes and landscape context influence genetic structure in peripheral populations of the collared lizard (Crotaphytus collaris) Landscape Ecology 26: 1125-1136.

Blevins, E., and K.A. With. 2011.  Landscape context matters: local vs. landscape effects on abundance and patch occupancy of collared lizards in managed grasslandsLandscape Ecology 26: 837-850.

Klug, P. E., S.M. Wisely, and K.A. With. 2011. Population genetic structure and landscape connectivity of the Eastern Yellowbelly Racer (Coluber constrictor flaviventris) in the tallgrass prairie of northeastern Kansas, USA. Landscape Ecology 26: 281-294.

Klug, P.E., S.L. Jackrel, and K.A. With.  2010.  Linking snake habitat use to nest predation risk in grassland birds: the dangers of shrub coverOecologia 162:803-813.

Margosian, M.L. K.A. Garrett, J.M.S. Hutchinson, and K.A. With.  2009.  Connectivity of the American agricultural landscape: Assessing the national risk of disease and crop pest spread. BioScience 59: 141-151.

Rahmig, C.J., W.E. Jensen, and K.A. With.  2009.  Grassland bird responses to land management in the largest remaining tallgrass prairieConservation Biology 23: 420-432.

With, K.A., A.W. King, and W.E. Jensen.  2008.  Remaining large grasslands may not be sufficient to prevent grassland bird declines. Biological Conservation 141: 3152-3167.

With, K.A., G.R. Schrott, and A.W. King.  2006. The implications of metalandscape connectivity for population viability in migratorysongbirdsLandscape Ecology 21: 157-167.

Schrott, G.R., K.A. With, and A.W. King.  2005.  Demographic limitations on the ability of habitat restoration to rescue declining populationsConservation Biology 19: 1181-1193.

Schrott, G.R., K.A. With, and A.W. King.  2005.  On the importance of landscape history for assessing extinction riskEcological Applications 15:  493-506.

With, K.A.  2004.  Assessing the risk of invasive spread in fragmented landscapesRisk Analysis 24: 803-815.

With, K.A., and A.W. King.  2004.  The effect of landscape structure on community self-organization and critical biodiversityEcological Modelling 179: 349-366.

With, K.A.  2004.  Metapopulation dynamics:  perspectives from landscape ecology.  Pp. 23-44 in Metapopulation Dynamics:  Ecology, Genetics, and Evolution of Metapopulations (I. Hanski and O.E. Gaggiotti, editors).  Academic Press, San Diego, CA.

With, K. A. 2002. The landscape ecology of invasive spread. Conservation Biology 16: 1192-1203

With, K.A., D.M. Pavuk, J.L. Worchuck, R.K. Oates, and J.L. Fisher.  2002.  Threshold effects of landscape structure on biological control in agroecosystemsEcological Applications 12:  52-65.

With, K.A., and A.W. King. 2001. Analysis of landscape sources and sinks: the effect of spatial pattern on avian demography. Biological Conservation 100: 75-88.

With, K.A., S.J. Cadaret, and C. Davis. 1999. Movement responses to patch structure in experimental fractal landscapes. Ecology 80: 1340-1353.

With, K.A., and A.W. King. 1999. Extinction thresholds for species in fractal landscapes. Conservation Biology 13: 314-326.

With, K.A. 1997. The application of neutral landscape models in conservation biology. Conservation Biology 11: 1069-1080.

With, K.A., and A.W. King. 1997. The use and misuse of neutral landscape models in ecology. Oikos 79: 219-229.

With, K.A., R.H. Gardner, and M.G. Turner. 1997. Landscape connectivity and population distributions in heterogeneous environments. Oikos 78: 151-169.

With, K.A., and T.O. Crist. 1995. Critical thresholds in species' responses to landscape structure. Ecology 76: 2446-2459.

With, K.A. 1994. Using fractal analysis to assess how species perceive landscape structure. Landscape Ecology 9: 25-36.


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