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Ruth Welti

University Distinguished Professor

Ph.D. 1982, Washington University in St. Louis
Cellular Biology

Structure and function of cell membranes; Mass-spectrometry-based lipid analysis.

Selected Research Publications

Botté, Cyrille, Saïdani, Nadia, Mondragon, Ricardo, Gonzales, Sirenia, Isaac, Giorgis, Mui, Ernest, McLeod, Rima, Dubremetz, Jean-François, Vial, Henri, Welti, Ruth, Cesbron-Delauw, Marie-France, Mercier, Corinne, and Maréchal, Eric.  2008. Subcellular localization and dynamics of a digalactolipid-like lipid along the life cycle of the apicomplexan parasite Toxoplasma gondii. J. Lipid Res. 49: 746-762.

Chaturvedi, Ratnesh,  Krothapalli, Kartikeya, Makandar, Ragiba, Nandi, Ashis,  Sparks, Alexis, Roth, Mary, Welti, Ruth, and Shah, Jyoti. 2008. Plastid ω3-fatty acid desaturase-dependent accumulation of a systemic acquired resistance inducing activity in petiole exudates of Arabidopsis thaliana is independent of jasmonic acid. Plant J. 54: 106-117.

Hong, Yueyun, Pan, Xiangqing,  Welti, Ruth, and Wang, Xuemin. 2008. Alterations of phospholipase Dα3 change Arabidopsis response to salinity and water deficits. Plant Cell 20: 803-816.

Li, Weiqi, Wang, Ruiping, Li, Maoyin, Li, Lixia, Wang, Chuanming, Welti, Ruth, and Wang, Xuemin.  2008. Differential degradation of extraplastidic and plastidic lipids during freezing and post-freezing recovery in Arabidopsis thaliana. J. Biol. Chem. 283: 461-468.

Maeda, Hiroshi, Sage, Tammy L., Isaac, Giorgis, Welti, Ruth, and DellaPenna, Dean. 2008. Tocopherols modulate extra-plastidic polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism in Arabidopsis at low temperature. Plant Cell 20: 452-470.

Moreau, Robert A., Doehlert, Douglas C., Welti, Ruth, Isaac, Giorgis, Roth, Mary, Tamura, Pamela, and Nuñez, Alberto. 2008. The identification of mono-, di-, tri-, and tetragalactosyl-diacylglycerols and their natural estolides in oat kernels. Lipids 43: 533-548.

Pan, Xiangqing, Welti, Ruth, and Wang, Xuemin.  2008. Simultaneous quantification of phytohormones and related metabolites in crude plant extracts by liquid chromatography-electrospray tandem mass spectrometryPhytochemistry  69: 1773-1781.

Bartz, R., Li, W.-H., Venables, B., Zehmer, J., Welti, R., Anderson, R., Liu, P., and Chapman, K.D.  2007. Lipidomics reveals adiposomes store ether lipids and mediate phospholipid traffic.  J. Lipid Res. 48: 837-847.

Devaiah, S.P., Pan, X., Hong, Y., Roth, M.R., Welti, R., and Wang, X.  2007.  Enhancing seed quality and viability by suppressing phospholipase D in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal 50: 950-957.

Esch, S.W., Tamura, P., Sparks, A.A., Roth, M.R., Devaiah, S. P., Heinz, E., Wang, X., Williams, Todd D., and Welti, R.  2007. Rapid characterization of fatty acyl composition of complex lipids by collision-induced dissociation time-of-flight mass spectrometry.  J. Lipid. Res. 48: 235-241.

Fitzgerald, M.L., Xavier, R., Haley, K.J., Welti, R., Goss, J.L., Brown, C.E., Zhuang, D., Bell, S.A., Lu, N., Mckee, M., Seed, B., and Freeman, M.W.  2007. ABCA3 inactivation in mice causes respiratory failure, loss of pulmonary surfactant and depletion of lung phosphatidylglycerol.  J. Lipid Res. 48: 621-632.

Fritz, M., Lokstein, H., Hackenberg, D., Welti, R., Roth, M., Zähringer, U., Fulda, M., Hellmeyer, W., Ott, C., Wolter, F.P., and Heinz, E.  2007. Chanelling of eukaryotic diacylglycerol into the biosynthesis of plastidial phosphatidylglycerol.  J. Biol. Chem. 282: 4613-4625.

Hsu, F.-F., Turk, J., Williams, T.D., and Welti, R. 2007. Electrospray ionization multiple stage quadrupole ion-trap and tandem quadrupole mass spectrometric studies on phosphatidylglycerol from Arabidopsis leaves.  J. Am. Soc. Mass Spec. 18: 783-790.

Isaac, G., R. Jeannotte, S.W. Esch, and R. Welti.  2007. New mass-spectrometry-based strategies for lipidsGen. Eng. Rev. 28: 129-157.

Welti, Ruth, Mui, Ernie, Sparks, Alexis, Wernimont, Sarah, Isaac, Giorgis, Kirisits, Michael, Roth, Mary, Roberts, Craig W., Botté, Cyrille, Maréchal, Eric, and McLeod, Rima.  2007. Lipidomic analysis of T. gondii reveals unusual polar lipids. Biochemistry 46: 13882-13890.

Welti, R., Shah, J., Li, W., Li, M., Chen, J., Burke, J.J., Fauconnier, M.-L., Chapman, K., Chye, M.-L., and Wang, X.  2007.  Plant lipidomics: Discerning biological function by profiling plant complex lipids using mass spectrometryFrontiers in Bioscience 12: 2494-2506.

Yang, W., Devaiah, S., Pan, X., Isaac, G., Welti, R., and Wang, X. 2007. AtPLAI is an LRR-containing acyl hydrolase involved in basal jasmonic acid production and Arabidopsis resistance to Botrytis cinerea.  J. Biol. Chem. 282: 18116-18128.

Buseman, C.M., P. Tamura, A.A. Sparks, E.J. Baughman, S. Maatta, J. Zhao, M.R. Roth, S.W. Esch, J. Shah, T.D. Williams, and R. Welti.  2006. Wounding stimulates the accumulation of glycerolipids containing oxophytodienoic acid and dinor-oxophytodienoic acid in Arabidopsis leavesPlant Physiol. 142: 28-39.

Devaiah, S.P., M.R. Roth, E. Baughman, M. Li, P. Tamura, R. Jeannotte, R. Welti, and X. Wang.  2006.  Quantitative profiling of polar glycerolipid species and the role of phospholipase Dá1 in defining the lipid species in Arabidopsis tissuesPhytochem 67: 1907-1924.

Li, M., R. Welti, and X. Wang.  2006.  Quantitative profiling ofArabidopsis polar plycerolipids in response to phosphate starvation.  Roles of PLDzeta1 and PLDzeta2 in phosphatidylcholine hydrolysis and digalactosyldiacylglycerol accumulation in phosphate-starved rootPlant Physiol.  142: 750-761.

Li, M., C. Qin, R. Welti, and X. Wang. 2006. Double knockouts of phospholipase Dzeta1 and Dzeta2 in Arabidopsis affect root elongation under phosphate limitation, but do not affect root hair patterning. Plant Physiol. 140: 761-770. 

Wang, X., S.P. Devaiah, W. Zhang, and R. Welti.  2006. Signaling functions of phosphatidic acid. Prog. Lipid Res. 45: 250-278. 

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Welti, R., J. Shah, S. LeVine, S.W. Esch, T.D. Williams, and X. Wang.  2005.  High throughput lipid profiling to identify and characterize genes involved in lipid metabolism, signaling, and stress response.  In Functional Lipidomics (Chapter 14), L. Feng and G.D. Prestwich, eds. Marcel Dekker, New York, pp. 307-322.

Abbadi A, F. Domergue, J. Bauer, J.A. Napier, R. Welti, U. Zahringer, P. Cirpus, and E. Heinz.  2004.   Biosynthesis of Very-Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Transgenic Oilseeds: Constraints on Their AccumulationPlant Cell 16:2734 - 2748.

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Fauconnier, M.-L., T.D. Williams, M. Marlier, and R. Welti.  2003.  Potato tuber phospholipids contain colneleic acid in the 2-position. FEBS Letters 538: 155-158.

Nandi, A., K. Krothapalli, C.M. Buseman, M. Li, R. Welti, A. Enyedi, and J. Shah.  2003.  The Arabidopsis thaliana sfd mutants affect plastidic lipid composition and suppress dwarfing, cell death and the enhanced disease resistance phenotypes resulting from the deficiency of a fatty acid desaturase. Plant Cell 15: 2383-2398.

Welti, R., X. Wang, and T.D. Williams.  2003.  Electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry scan modes for plant chloroplast lipids. Anal. Biochem. 314: 149-152.

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Zhang, W., C. Wang, C. Qin, T. Wood, G. Olafsdottir, R. Welti, and X. Wang.  2003.  The Oleate-stimulated Phospholipase D, PLD{delta} and Phosphatidic Acid Decrease H2O2-Induced Cell Death in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 15: 2285-2295.

Wang, X., C. Wang, Y. Sang, C. Qin, and R. Welti. 2002. Networking of Phospholipases in Plant Signal Transduction.  Physiologia Plantarum 115: 331-335.

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Zien, C.A., C. Wang, X. Wang, and R. Welti. 2001. In-vivo substrates and the contribution of the common phospholipase D, PLDalpha , to wound-induced metabolism of lipids in Arabidopsis. Biochim. Biophys. Acta [Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids] 1530: 236-248.

Wang, C., C.A. Zien, M. Afitlhile, R. Welti, D.F. Hildebrand, X. Wang. 2000. Involvement of phospholipase D in wound-induced accumulation of jasmonic acid in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 12: 2237-2246.

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