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Ari Jumpponen

Associate Professor

Ph.D. 1998, Oregon State University
Forest Science

Mycology, fungal ecology; fungus-plant interactions.

Selected Research Publications

Mandyam, K. and Jumpponen, A. 2008. Seasonal and temporal dynamics of arbuscular mycorrhizal and dark septate endophytic fungi in a tallgrass prairie ecosystem are minimally affected by nitrogen enrichment. Mycorrhiza 18: 145-155.

Mandyam, K. and Jumpponen, A. 2005. Abundance and possible functions of the root-colonising dark septate endophytic fungi. In: The Missing Lineages: Phylogeny and ecology of endophytic and other enigmatic root-associated fungi, ed. Summerbell, R. Currah, R.S. and Sigler, L.Studies in Mycology 53: 173-189.

Jumpponen, A., J. Trowbridge, K.G. Mandyam, and L.C. Johnson.  2005.  Nitrogen enrichment causes minimal changes in arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization but shifts community composition - evidence from rDNA data. Biology and Fertility of Soils 41: 217-224.

Jumpponen, A., A.W. Claridge, J.M. Trappe, T. Lebel, and D.L. Claridge.  2004.  Ecological relationships among hypogeous fungi and trees: inferences from association analysis integrated with habitat modelingMycologia 96: 510-525.

Trowbridge, J. and A. Jumpponen.  2004.  Fungal colonization of shrub willow roots at the forefront of a receding glacier. Mycorrhiza 14: 283-293.

Jumpponen, A.  2003.  Soil fungal community assembly in a primary successional glacier forefront ecosystem as inferred from analyses of rDNA sequences. New Phytologist 158: 569-578.

Jumpponen, A., D.L. Neises, and K.K. Newsham.  2003.  Direct PCR and cloning characterization of ascomycetes inhabiting the rhizoid environment of the liverwort Cephaloziella varians in AntarcticaMycologia 95(3): 457-466.

Hector, A., B. Schmid, C. Beierkuhlein, M.C. Caldeira, M. Diemer, P.G. Dimitrakopoulos, J. Finn, H. Freitas, P.S. Giller, J. Good, R. Harris, P. Högberrg, K. Huss-Danell, J. Joshi, A. Jumpponen, C. Körner, P.W. Leadley, M. Loreau, A. Minns, C.P.H. Mulder, G.O. OíDonovan, S.J. Otway, J.S. Pereira, A. Prinz, D.J. Read, M. Scherer-Lorenzen, E.-D. Schulze, A.-S.D. Siamantziouras, E. Spehn, A.C. Terry, A.Y. Troumbis, F.I. Woodward, S. Yachi, and  J.H. Lawton. 1999. Plant Diversity and Productivity Experiments in European Grasslands.  Science 286: 1123-1127.

Jumpponen, A. 1999. Spatial distribution of discrete phenotypes of Phialocephala fortinii on a glacier forefront as inferred from RAPD markers. New Phytologist 141: 333-344.

Jumpponen, A. and J.M. Trappe. 1998. Dark-septate root endophytes: a review with special reference to facultative biotrophic symbiosis. New Phytologist 140: 295-310.

Jumpponen, A., H. Väre, K.G. Mattson, R. Ohtonen, and J.M. Trappe. 1999. Characterization of the safe sites for pioneers in primary succession on recently deglaciated glacier forefront. Journal of Ecology 87: 98-105. 


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