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The Joern Lab: Herbivory and Its Impact on Grasslands



Anthony Joern

University Distinguished Professor
Chairman, Graduate Affairs Committee

Ph.D. 1977, University of Texas, Austin, TX
Zoology/Population Biology-Insect Ecology

Insect community ecology; insect/plant interactions; grassland ecology.

Selected Research Publications

Danner, B.J. and A. Joern.  2003.  Stage-specific behavioral responses of Ageneotettix deorurn (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in the presence of Lycosid spider predators. Journal of Insect Behavior. (in press)

J. D. Logan, A. Joern, & W. Wolesensky.  2003.  Chemical reactor models of optimal digestion efficiency with constant foraging costs. Ecological Modelling. (in press)

Logan, J.D., A. Joern and W. Wolesensky.  2003.  Mathematical model of consumer homeostasis control in plant-herbivore dynamics. Mathematical and Computer Modelling (in press).

Joern, A.  2002.  Context dependent foraging and enemy free space: Grasshopper Sparrows (Arnnro(Iranurs savannarum) searching for grasshoppers (Acrididae). Ecoscience 9: 231­-240.

Logan, J.D., A. Joern and W. Wolesensky.  2002.  Location, time and temperature dependence of digestion in simple animal tracts. Journal of Theoretical Biology 216: 5-18.

Winemiller, K.O., E.R. Pianka, L.J. Vitt, and A. Joern.  2001.  Food web laws or niche theory? Six independent empirical tests. American Naturalist 158: 193-199.

Joern, A.  2000.  What are the consequences of non-linear ecological interactions for grasshopper control strategies? pp. 131-144, In J.A. Lockwood, A.V. Latchininsky and M. Sergeev (eds.). Grasshoppers and Grassland Health. Kluwer Academic Publishers. Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

Holz, J.C., K.D. Hoagland, and A. Joern.  2000.  Aquatic food web interactions: micrososms as lake models. Pp. 305-324. In Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching, Volume 21 (S.J. Karcher, editor). Proceedings of the 21st  Workshop/Conference of the Association for Biological Laboratory Instructors (ABLE).

Oedekoven, M.A. and A. Joern.  2000.  Host plant quality and risk to spider predation by grasshoppers (Acrididae): state-dependent compensatory mortality. Ecology 81: 66-77.

Traxler, M. and A. Joern. 1999. Host related differentiation among populations of the oligophagous grasshopper (Acrididae), Hesperotettix viridis. Oikos 87: 239-250.

Oedekoven, M.A. and A. Joern. 1998. Stage-based mortality of grassland grasshoppers (Acrididae) from wandering spider predation. Acta Oecologia 19: 507-515.


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