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Division of Biology

Division of Biology
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50th Anniversary Symposium

Kansas State University's Division of Biology will celebrate 50 years of groundbreaking accomplishments with a special symposium on April 21st. The symposium will be held in Engineering Hall 1109 and Atrium. It is open to all members of the university community. The detailed program is as follows:

11:00-11:15Dr. Brian SpoonerK-State Division of BiologyOpening Remarks
11:15-12:00Dr. Ken BaylesUniversity of Nebraska Medical CenterBacterial Biofilms and the Essence of Multicellularity
12:00-12:15Dalton DacusK-State Division of BiologyViral Infections Can Contribute to Skin Cancer
12:15-2:00Undergraduate Research Forum (poster session)
2:00-2:45Dr. Jenn BrissonUniversity of RochesterAphid Wing Dimorphisms: Comparing Environmental and Genetic Control Mechanisms
2:45-3:00Ryan GreenwayK-State Division of BiologyMolecular Mechanisms Underlying the Convergent Evolution of Toxicity Tolerance in Extremophile Fishes
3:15-3:30Akeem WaiteK-State Division of BiologyExploring the Molecular Relationship between Mitochondria and Proteasomes
3:30-4:15Dr. Terry DermodyUniversity of PittsburghA New Viral Trigger for Celiac Disease
4:30-4:45Sarah WinnickiK-State Division of BiologyThe Effects of Brown-Headed Cowbird Brood Parasitism on the Growth and Development of Grassland Songbirds
4:45-5:30Dr. Melinda SmithColorado State UniversityDominant Species are Key for Understanding the Consequences of Global Change