Travel Grants

The objective of the BGSA Travel Grants and Awards committee is to provide funding to facilitate travel, training, and research for biology graduate students. BGSA will award travel(10), research(4), and training(4) grants each tax-year(June-June) to graduate students in the Kansas State University, Division of Biology on a competitive basis. An addition grant will be awarded to the PoB manual sales coordinator for one year of service. These funds were raised by members of BGSA to support the professional development of graduate students in the Division of Biology. Awards are contingent upon availability of funds.

Forms for applicants:

Finishing Grants

These grants are offered to active members of the BGSA at the time of the members successful defense. Finishing grants may be used to cover the cost of electronic thesis/dissertation fees and other costs associated with finishing a MS or PhD in the Division. Please complete this application and return it before your expected defense.