Committees (updated December 2017)
* denotes committee chair

Faculty Awards

Sarah Winnicki, Priscila Guzman, Anjana Suppahia, Nick Barts, Abigail Wilson, Carly Aulicky, Shilpa Hebbar, Babita Adhikari Dhungel, Aakash Pandey, Anil Pant

Responsible for overseeing the nomintation and awarding of awards.

Elsie Shogren, Dustin Haskell, Liam Berigan, Lindsey Bruckerhoff, Pragyesh Dhungel, Anil Pant, Priscila Guzman*

Responsible for reviewing submitted requests for travel and research grants and awarding these grants.

Food & Fun
Stephen Walterhouse, Caitlin Broderick, Emily Wedel, Kasey Swilley, Liz Renner

Responsible for various social events throughout the year.


Welcome & Service
Herny Camarillo, Leah Radeke, Stephen Walterhouse, Kasey Swilley, Caitlin Broderick, Emily Wedel, Alexis Carpenter

Responsible for scheduling the annual Welcoming Event, which welcomes new graduate students into the program, and for organizing the Biology venue at K-State open house..

Nick Barts, Bryan Frenette, Konner Winkley, Henry Camarillo, Dustin Haskell, Shilpa Hebbar, Ryan Greenway, Casey Pennock

Responsible for organizing seminar nominations, and coordinating with the faculty seminar committee.

Graduate Affairs Committee

Shilpa Hebbar, Anjana Suppahia, Joshua Molina, Priscila Guzman, Pragyesh Dhungel, Akeem Waite, Aakash Pandey, Seton Bachle

Manual Sales Committee

Sarah Winnicki, Anjana Suppahia, Akeem Waite, Dustin Haskell, Joshua Molina, Lauren Konrade, Seton Bachle

Reform Committee

Trisha Rettig, Bryan Frenette, Konner Winkley, Pragyesh Dhungel, Elsie Shogren, Alicia Burris, Samantha Sharpe, Carly Aulicky, Akeem Waite

Workshop Committee

Nirupama Kotian, Henry Camarillo, Casey Pennock