Committees (updated January 2015)
* denotes committee chair

Faculty Awards
Elsie Shogren*, Rory O'Connor, Ryan Greenway, Nick Barts, Dan Sullins, Kim O'Keefe

Responsible for overseeing the nomintation and awarding of awards.

Akeem Waite*, Matt Harder, Kent Connell, Michael Benfer, Alicia Burris

Responsible for reviewing submitted requests for travel and research grants and awarding these grants.

Food & Fun
Sophie Higgs*,Jake Alsdurf, Matt Galliart, Nathan Morse, Stephen Walterhouse

Responsible for various social events throughout the year.

T-shirt & Photo Contest
Willow Malone*, Seton Bachle, Samantha Sharpe

Responsible for organizing the designing and ordering of the annual Biology T-shirt and awarding of the photo contest winner.

Service Elizabeth Everman, Ryan Greenway, Nick Barts

Responsible for organizing the Biology venue at K-State open house.

Emily Williams*, Kim O'Keefe, Ryland Taylor, Sarah Ogden, Willow Malone, Casey Pennock, Garrett Hopper

Responsible for scheduling the annual Welcoming Event, which welcomes new graduate students into the program.

Ryan Greenway*, Kim O'Keefe, Elsie Shogren, Sophie Higgs, Matt Harder, Claire Ward

Responsible for organizing seminar nominations, and coordinating with the faculty seminar committee.